Meet our staff! A Cloudeight Site Pick in Disguise

By | October 12, 2021
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Meet our staff!

A Cloudeight Site Pick in Disguise

These are the fine people who help us keep Cloudeight great!

TC and Darcy intend to remain elusive, hiding our old saggy bodies, so sorry, no photos of us. But these are the fine folks who do the work behind the scenes while Darcy sails around in her yacht – and TC supervises the staff!

NO NO NO! Those People, Like Our Staff, Do Not Exist!

Introducing a new Cloudeight Site Pick…

ThisPersonDoesNot Exist

Rather than try to get you to read our site pick today, we thought we’d use a little bait and switch – innocently of course – to introduce you to ThisPersonDoesNotExist. The people above, whom I named for this light-hearted deception, do not exist. Just like our staff does not exist.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is what Stephen Hawking feared most. ThePersonDoesNotExist uses AI to generate face after face of people who don’t exist, except in the electrons and the bits and bytes of digital imagery.

We found it fascinating to view the faces of people who don’t exist. We can’t tell you why it’s so fascinating and is rather creepy.

The only flaw I found was that a lot of them look like advertisements for ClearChoice or Aspen Dental. 🙂 

CEO Johnny

We hope you’re as amazed as are. AI is fascinating – and maybe a bit scary. It sure is hard to believe that none of the people pictured in this post exist.

Prepare yourself for the future. AI is going to affect your life. Spend some face time by visiting our site pick ThisPersonDoesNotExist... and be sure to hover over every photo to learn more. Just try it, you’ll see what we mean. 

9 thoughts on “Meet our staff! A Cloudeight Site Pick in Disguise

  1. NGNC

    It is well known that all kinds of people invent a limitless number of problems and illnesses that do not actually exist.
    Alas! We now have an infinite number of faces of people (who do not actually exist) to accredit for inventing them.
    Isn’t that convenient !?!

  2. L.S.

    Worrisome but also a little funny…seems to have difficulty with ears, earrings and glasses.

  3. JP

    Ok, you two. Don’t you think it’s about time we stop playing Batman and Bat woman so that we can have a happy memory photo of two fantastic people who have helped hundreds, if not thousands of people with their computers? You can’t possibly be that “ugly”. Ha

    1. Marguerita. (Maggie).

      I agree with JP. Do you not think after all these years of complete loyalty to Darcy, TC that you came out from behind the shadows, and let us see who we have been showering accolades on for all these years. I mean you are quite safe as I do not think that you will be flooded with requests for telephone numbers etc at this stage I think that Covid would outnumber you. Think about it and I am sure warts and all we will still accept you for what you are and more especially who could possibly turn their backs on you, after all, the loyal and dependable service you have bestowed on so many for so long. As I mentioned warts and and you will still have my loyalty and support and wish you both well. Take care and stay safe as we still do seriously need you.
      Kindest regards,

    1. infoave Post author

      Refresh each page. If you don’t know how to do that, when you’re looking at a page (Picture) just press the F5 key.

  4. Dawn Campbell

    This is scary because you will never know if you are chatting etc with a REAL LIVE Person. Heaven forbid!!

  5. Annabelle Lee

    I don’t blame you for not wanting your pictures out on the good old deceiving web. Too many con people that could use your picture to make up fake accounts. Called cat fishing on the web.
    I’ll just imagine you look like Elvis did in the early 70’s ! Ha ha… Can you tell I am an avid Elvis fan?
    Hmmm, who should we imagine Darcy looks like ? Maybe Ann Margaret….

    1. Penny Corbin

      I’ve got a big kick out of your comment, and guess what; I totally agree!! I understand why our CloudEight couple have not posted pictures for us. And it’s the very reasons you’ve mentioned. Today’s world can be an evil place, and someone would grab those pictures of two awesome people and misuse them in the worst possible way, (just because they are who they are).

      Elvis and Ann Margaret……perfect !!


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