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Next generation antivirus: the future of malware protection or marketing hype?

This article was published on the Emsisoft Blog recently. It is well-written and educational – especially if you’re interested in keeping up with all the hype and buzzwords companies like to float these days. It’s not written in “geek-speak”. So, just what is “next-gen” antivirus? Is it better than what you’re using? Is your security software protecting you… Read More »

Creepy…But True

Creepy…But True Let’s take a break from computer tips and tricks, whiny computers, bad updates, and so on. Today we’re going to feature where computers are taking us – into the land of AI or Artificial Intelligence.. Take look at the faces below. They all have one thing in common, do you know that it is?   So,… Read More »

Compose Assist In the “New” Gmail

Compose Assist In the “New” Gmail This tip was inspired by a comment we received from Elaine. Thank you! The new Gmail that began rolling out this past summer, is one update that caused a whole lot of controversy. And it’s still the update people love to hate. Unfortunately, Gmail users have no choice as the New Gmail… Read More »