Our Top Ten Security Tips

By | March 11, 2011
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There are literally dozens of things you can do to maintain the integrity of your computer and your personal information when you’re online. We’ve chosen our top ten tips for more security while online and here they are – just for you:

  • ALWAYS make sure you use an Anti-Virus program and keep it up-to-date.
  • ALWAYS make sure to keep your operating system up-to-date. Always install the latest Windows updates.
  • ALWAYS make sure you use at least two good anti-spyware programs – and keep them up-to-date.
  • ALWAYS make sure you backup your important data. That includes documents, pictures and emails. Keep the backup in a safe place. A safe place is not your Windows hard drive.
  • ALWAYS make sure you are on a secure server when shopping online. Secure server URLs always start with https:// instead of http://. So look at your browser’s address bar before entering your credit card information.
  • NEVER open attachments you were not expecting even if they appear to be from someone you know very well. If in doubt, save the attachment to your desktop and scan it with your anti-virus program FIRST.
  • NEVER visit porn (adult) sites or “warez” sites. These kinds of sites are notorious for furtively installing harmful, even dangerous software on your computer – sometimes without your knowledge or permission.
  • NEVER attempt to close a popup window by clicking on it. Always use ALT+F4 key to close it. Nefarious popups are ubiquitous on the web and they could infect your computer with spyware, trojans or worse.
  • NEVER reply to an email requesting personal information. No reputable company will ever ask you to do this.
  • NEVER buy any products or services from a spam email. Those who do are really the ones responsible for the horrendous spam problem we all face today. If no one bought anything from spam emails, spammers wouldn’t exist.

2 thoughts on “Our Top Ten Security Tips

  1. nel-dr

    Question: I found especially the security tip about how to close a pop-up very useful.
    I want to tell my friends. Can I access this information somehow in Dutch?

  2. Ken Roberts

    These tips along with all the others i have gotten from Cloud Eight is the reason I have a fast computer that is almost five years old . It is spyware free and no viruses . I use two anti spyware one free version and one paid for, a life time subscription I might add . SUPERantispyware is the tops as far as I am concerned .I do appreciate all the free spyware soft ware . Malwarebytes is in there also, very good program. Thank you Cloud Eight !


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