Windows 7 Toolbar Magic

Here is a neat way to cycle through and open windows in your Task Bar using your Windows Key: Hold the Windows Key down and click the number that corresponds with the window you want to open, and it will open! Let me explain by example! Lets say you have 5 programs showing in your Task Bar to… Read More »

Some great things you can do with USB flash drives

By now, most of you know how really useful flash drives are for storing files like photos, emails, music, documents, etc. But did you know your flash drive can be used to store and run what are known as portable applications? Portable applications are small programs that install to and run from a USB flash drive. Portable applications… Read More »

Great Google features all on one page

Most of you know that Google search is more than a search engine, it can covert currency, track a package, convert American measurements into metric and vice versa, give you the time in any city in the world, show sports scores, local weather, and more. But did you know that Google has a special page that displays all… Read More »