FBI May Shut Down Internet for Millions on March 8, 2012

The FBI might shut off the internet for millions on March 8, 2012  in an attempt to rid the country’s Internet infrastructure of the DNS Changer Trojan. We’re going to show you how to check to see if your computer is infected, but first we’re going to tell you a little about why this is happening. The DNS… Read More »

iPad Tip – Special Characters

If you tap and hold down certain keys on the keyboard, you will be presented with a number of different character options. For example, if you tap and hold the .com key, you can choose from .edu, .org. and .net. Holding down the vowel keys will give you many accented character options. Tap and hold the period key… Read More »

Alternatives to Adobe Flash Player?

This article is in response to RainbowStar, a very active member of our InfoAve Forum. He asked: “Is there an alternative to Adobe Flash Player that works the same? I don’t like reading things like this “Adobe Fixes Flash Player XSS Flaw, Warns Of Ongoing Attacks” (We’re publishing the entire article at the end of this.) Thank you… Read More »