SOPA – What you need to know

The Stop Online Piracy Act There’s a problem with censorship. The problem with censorship is: it never works. Sometimes it sounds like a great idea to protect impressionable minds from one thing or another. But the problem is, once you give someone the power to decide what you can see and what you can read and what you… Read More »

What is Spam? Here is an ISP’s Guide to Censorship

We’ve been telling you right along that when ISPs block email as spam, what they’re essentially doing is censoring your email. That’s why it’s so very important, if you’re ISP uses spam filters, that you maintain at least one non-ISP email account and use it when you absolutely, positively want to receive email without your ISP defining spam… Read More »

Are Your Software Programs Up to Date?

It’s a new year, but you probably don’t have a new PC. Maybe you should check your old PC in the new year to see if there are programs you need to update. Using outdated programs can not only slow your PC, they can be really bad for your PC’s health — and maybe even your online security.… Read More »