Beware fake Firefox update

Security specialist Sophos reports that it has discovered new spam email messages that claim to be an advisory related to an update to the open source Firefox web browser. The fake advisory asks users to update their Firefox installations, “for security reasons”, and includes a download link to the supposed update. According to Graham Cluley of Sophos, the download… Read More »

EB’s Eight Great Windows Tips

EB is the Queen of Quick. This tip  is dedicated to EB’s fascination with the quick and easy. So, these eight tips are dedicated all of you courtesy of the famous Queen of the Quick and Easy — EB (Eightball). These tips work in Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. 1. Lock your computer Press Win+L to lock… Read More »

Free Office Viewers

Nah, in spite of what you might think, we’re not that tacky….yet. This is not a site that promotes voyeurism by allowing you to furtively peer into offices and see people slacking off while getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. It won’t let you see the president of Ford Motor Company playing Angry Birds on… Read More »

How to insert images into Gmail messages

Many of you have written wanting to know how to insert images from your hard drive into a Gmail message. You can do it, but the add-on you need to do it is hidden deep in Gmail Labs. The “Inserting Images” add-on from Gmail Labs needs to be enabled before you can upload a picture from your PC… Read More »

Put Control Panel on your Taskbar (Windows 7)

Windows 7 Quick Tip – Pin Control Panel to your Taskbar Windows 7 – all versions (32 and 64bit) You can’t pin the Control Panel to the taskbar using drag and drop. But you can add Control Panel to your Taskbar by doing this: Open Control Panel, right-click its icon (when it’s displayed on your Taskbar), and choose… Read More »