Have fun with your computer

Do you like chess? Do you like Solitaire? Come on, you like one of the two. With all the bad things going on with the Internet these days, there are still a lot of good people who create web sites and make software to either give away free or to sell for a very fair price. When you… Read More »

How fast is your ISP?

The U.S. Federal Government has mandated that high-speed Internet is essential to our economy and plans to increase access and broadband speeds to 100 Mbps by 2020. Most of us living in the U.S. think we’re pretty cool and have the fastest and bestest. But alas, we’ve fallen behind the last decade or so. Did you know that… Read More »

Super Tip For Gmail Users

Do you have a Gmail account? Gmail Accounts are free, give you lots of storage, and can be used like a regular email account in your Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Thunderbird or other email program. You can get a Gmail account free simply by signing up for one – just visit this page. For those who already have… Read More »

Windows “god modes”

God modes have been around for quite awhile. They’re nothing new, but because they’ve been written about so much in blogs and in tech newsletters, they’re becoming quite popular – in fact, some bloggers make them sound brand new. The god mode feature is not new. It’s present in Windows 7 and it was present in Windows Vista… Read More »