Access folders quickly and easily with this Cloudeight freeware pick

We have over 100,000 folders on our computers. We have multiple drives. So if we have something important we need to access and it’s buried in K:\ backups\digital photos\autumn\2005\family\October\New England\ – to get there, the usual way, takes a lot of clicking. Right? Right!  And while it’s true, Windows Vista and Windows 7 users can add any folder… Read More »

Speed up your computer – Turn off “Search Indexing” in Windows Vista and Windows 7

Windows Vista’s / Windows 7’s “Search Indexing” is continuously checking all files on your computer and indexing them so that their information available for quick searching. This can speed up the Windows search feature, but it also slows system performance substantially. Since most of us don’t use Windows Search very often, you can speed up Vista and Windows 7… Read More »

How smart are you?

Yeah, you’re pretty smart. You’re reading this! TC and EB took this test and you can guess who got the highest score! Sorry, EB. At least you look better! Ahem…. Unlike some IQ tests, this test won’t take you a day and a half to complete. It’s only 12 questions, but that may be enough. Some of the… Read More »