A great online dictionary

We’ve become fed up with Dictionary.com and most of the other online dictionaries. We don’t mind advertising on sites – we understand it’s necessary. But Dictionary.com seems to have taken advertising to hideous new level with multiple pop-ups, floating ads, flashing ads, video ads, talking ads and more. If you want to look up a word without foraging… Read More »

Icons without text

Debi wants to know how to eliminate the text from under Windows desktop icons I think you featured this as a tip once but I can’t remember – but can you tell me if there is a way to get rid of the text under desktop icons? I think you’re newsletter it the best. Great tips and tricks… Read More »

Huge botnet killed; stole millions

Botnets are Trojan-like programs that infect PCs and then make the infected PC a zombie in a network of zombies. These infected PCs create a network of computers controlled by the individual (or group of individuals) who is responsible for creating the botnet. Botnets can be used to steal money, passwords, or other personal information. Computer users who… Read More »

Good email manners

We’ve had hundreds of readers send pet peeves. Do you know what most of them are? They’re about email. Yes, about junky forwards, forwards with everyone else’s address showing up in the cc: field, etc. We started thinking that perhaps many people really don’t know what good email etiquette is, so here are a few (there are more)… Read More »