Windows 7 Libraries decoded

Windows Libraries are one of the most useful features of Windows 7. They’re always handy. Libraries look and work like folders but they are not. They’re something all together different – like magic places. Really. They’re great. If you’re not using them you’re missing one of the best features of Windows 7. It may not be as flashy… Read More »

Avast Internet Security

George says “What about Avast Internet Security”? I have been running Avast Free on my laptop for many years now. I was offered a free trial of their Internet Security program the other day with the ability to revert back to the free program at the end of the 15 day trial. My question centers on ‘ is… Read More »

Three time-saving features in Windows 7

Sticky Notes The Sticky Notes app comes installed with Windows 7. It’s simpler and more useful than many of the sticky notes programs you’ve probably used before. You can start Windows 7 Sticky Notes  by typing Notes in the search bar at the bottom of the start menu.  Create a note or reminder. Once your not is created,… Read More »

Links not opening? Maybe they are!

We are still getting a lot of email from Internet Explorer users telling us that this or that link isn’t working on our site. So we go and check and the links are working. Tabbed browsing is great, but it can be confusing if you’re not paying attention to the tabs. If you use Internet Explorer 7, 8… Read More »