Windows 7 Folder Views

One of our favorite featured of Windows 7 is the way you can customize folder views almost any way you like. Some special folders like “Documents” have additional choices, but every folder on your Windows 7 computer is customizable in a number of different ways. Windows 7 puts special folders like Documents, Music, Pictures, and Videos in a… Read More »

Be in top form when filling out web forms

When you are filling out web forms, did you know if you put your information in the wrong form field – for instance, you put your name in the email field – don’t delete it. Did you know that you can highlight it and drag it to the correct field. You won’t have to retype it. Think about… Read More »

A New Collection of Cloudeight Stationery – August 31, 2011

Western – The Art of Kenneth Wyatt A Cloudeight Stationery Collection – August 31, 2011 Our Western stationery collection features 10 brand new stationery designs based on the Western art of Kenneth Wyatt. The stationery in this collection can be used for your every day emails – or to add a special look to those extra-special emails. This… Read More »

What is a secure server?

First: HTTPS://  HTTP:// . Do you see the difference? Of course, one has an S at the end, the other does not. The S stands for secure. All you have to remember is: it stands for your security. SSL or Secure Sockets Layer was first established by Netscape and is the web standard for exchanging sensitive information between… Read More »