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By | March 18, 2011
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Charlene asks us for a place where she can print free calendars
I have been looking for a place where I can print free calendars. I have looked and looked for a free site, but i can’t find one. What I need is a site that will let me print a monthly calendar that puts the dates in squares – and leaves me room to make notes. Maybe I’m not making myself clear. I hope you know what I mean. I love your newsletter! Thanks.

Our answer
Hey, Charlene, I know exactly what you mean! I deal with EB every day so figuring out what people mean is a skill I developed by working with EB every day for over 12 years. I should get the Saint of Patience award (I can’t think of his name).

In fact when I was on my infamous diet, I used this site to print a monthly calendar each month and  write down my calorie intake each day – and my weight at the end of the week. I ended up losing 55 lbs. That was six years ago but I’ve manage to keep 35 of those pounds off – which means now I’m trying to lose 20 – which means I’m back to making calendars again.

Rather than you listening (reading) my yammering, I’ll let you listen to the Web site’s creator, who I assume is Ms. E. Printable:

“Welcome to, a website where you can generate printable weekly planners and monthly and yearly calendars for free. With just a few clicks you will be able to personalize these calendars by adding an image and any text you’d like.

Just select the calendar type and choose from our collection of pre-selected images and quotes, click the button, and your printable 2011 custom calendar is ready to be printed out! Don’t forget to bookmark this site if you like it!

Print it out and place it on your desk, refrigerator or wherever you like and never forget an important date, appointment or birthday anymore.”

To print your free calendars visit There you go, Charlene. Be sure you have plenty of refrigerator magnets. If you’re short on them, I have several dozen extra. I used them to stick nasty emails from EB on my refrigerator. Whenever I need a good, hearty laugh, I go read them. She’s so funny!

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