Procrastinate Better With Puzzle Prime

By | November 17, 2017
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Procrastinate Better With Puzzle Prime

A couple weeks ago, we asked you to submit you suggestions for fun & entertaining sites, recipes sites, sites where you go to have fun and wastes some time.  Starting in December 2017,  a fun & entertaining site will be featured in our newsletters each week (as long as our readers keep on suggesting them!). We’re letting you choose the entertaining / fun sites we’ll feature,  so we need you to tell us  about your favorite fun sites. You can do that by leaving your site suggestion in a comment on this page.  Thank you 🙂

Now, on with the show! 

EB doesn’t think I’m an expert at many things, but one thing she does think I’m an expert at (or is that at which I’m an expert?) is:

1. Procrastination

2. Wasting time

Neither is true, of course. I just put forth the effort that is commensurate with my pay!  Sometimes procrastination leads me to wander about aimlessly, looking for new ways to kill or waste time. I don’t like to say killing time, since it’s actually time that is killing me. Be that as it may…

In our concerted effort to keep this newsletter down to a readable and manageable publication, I will try to keep my remarks about this Cloudeight Site Pick, brief – not truncated, but brief.

Here are some info about our Cloudeight Site Pick, lifted right off the site by my sticky fingers:

Cloudeight Site Pick "Puzzle Prime"

“The better way to procrastinate.

Whether you are on a break, waiting for a flight, or just relaxing at home, Puzzle Prime will offer you all the best puzzles you could ever want. With many sections to choose from, including Brain Teasers, Detective Mysteries, Logic Games, and more, there is always something fun to do at Puzzle Prime!…

Solve hundreds of fun brain teasers, challenging logic puzzles, and exclusive, original crime stories…

Play over 100 handpicked puzzle games, including “Portal: Flash”, “Cut the Rope”, and many more…

Visit our optical illusions gallery to see many masterpieces created by worldwide renowned artists…

Read our expert reviews and recommendations of various popular puzzle toys and books…

Read our original web comics, learn new jokes, solve fun quizzes, and find more ways to entertain yourself…

Join our forum, read interviews with famous puzzlers, and participate in various creativity contests…

Who are you?
We are a very small team of math and puzzle lovers who appreciate new ideas and like to challenge ourselves. We like solving problems for fun and look forward to share our passion with others.

What is this place?
Puzzle Prime is an online platform where you can find information about anything puzzle related. We have brain teasers, logic video games, puzzle reviews and more. If it stirs your brain and makes it hurt, you will find it here at Puzzle Prime.

Why did you make this?
We have seen so many sites on the internet offering puzzles, math games and other logic quizzes and saw that many of them relied on the principle of “quantity over quality”. Many of these sites had boring or easy to solve puzzles and we wanted to change that. Puzzle Prime offers puzzles carefully selected by our team to provide a challenge to our users and that are guaranteed to be smart, unique and lots of fun.

Where are the ads?
You will not find ads on Puzzle Prime. We find ads to be annoying and distracting and we believe that they do not belong here on our site. The only place you might see advertisements is if you play some of the video games in the Puzzle Games section. However, these games are borrowed from other websites and developers, so Puzzle Prime does not have the rights to make them ad-free.

How do you generate profit?
Puzzle Prime does not generate profit. We have created this website with the sole idea of popularizing puzzles though high-quality content and appealing design. We do accept donations to help keep our site running, but they are not required to use our site and play the hundreds of games and puzzles that we offer…

On Puzzle Prime you will find:

Only the best puzzles, diligently hand-picked by mathematicians

Large variety of brain teasers, optical illusions, video games, and more

Only free content, no premium subscription or registration required

No distractions, no advertisements, no banners, no affiliate links

Amazing community of smart and fun people to share your passion with…”

To make a long story a little bit shorter:

If you like puzzles, games, procrastinating, illusions, messing around, goofing off, etc., then behold! This is the site for you. This official Cloudeight Site Pick  is called Puzzle Prime, and I assure you that you can waste many hours – even days or weeks playing. You’re sure to have fun wasting time. Come goof off with me, let’s head over to Puzzle Prime – because you know what? It is now an official Cloudeight Site Pick! Puzzle Prime is a really fun site, I tells ya!

What’s puzzling you, EB?

2 thoughts on “Procrastinate Better With Puzzle Prime

  1. Phyllis A Johnson

    Puzzle Prime sounds like it will be lots of fun and stimulate the brain.
    Also like sites with gluten free recipes.


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