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Feed Your Brain

Today I Found Out Abraham Lincoln said: “I don’t think much of a man who doesn’t know more today than he did yesterday.” And we think he was right. No matter how old you are, or how much you know, you should never live a day in which you don’t learn something new. I keep telling EB this,… Read More »

Learn digital photography and enjoy breathtaking photographs

It’s always nice when a new startup comes along with pockets lined by venture capitalists. We wish our pockets were lined by venture capitalists, but they’re not. But it’s nice to see that venture capitalists help fund some new startups that are worthwhile. In this case, it’s 500px, a gallery of beautiful photographs you can enjoy – but… Read More »

Trouble sleeping?

We couldn’t resist this. We almost made this a “site of the week” pick but there isn’t much there to write about. So this is not a “Windows Tip” really. It’s a people tip. Is there anything better than falling asleep while listening to the rain falling and distant thunder rolling? Maybe, but we’re not going to get… Read More »