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Loretta discovers the disadvantages of Internet Explorer 9’s so-called “Smart Screen Filter”

Loretta says she got a warning when she tried to download our freeware pick last week What is going on with the new photo editing program, “Phoxo”. When I start to download, it says it is not commonly downloaded and could harm my computer. Loretta Our Answer Well Loretta, you’re discovering how stupid Internet Explorer’s Smart Screen filter… Read More »

IE9’s SmartScreen or common sense? Which do you use?

Where common sense fails, absurdity sails What “can” you do about the problem with Internet Explorer 9’s SmartScreen filter? Your best choice is never to trust it. As always, your best choice is using common sense and information you can verify – and not a flawed, provably lacking and almost risible “safe surfing” program like Internet Explorer’s SmartScreen.… Read More »