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A Test: What Means is the Most Popular With Cyber Criminals to Spread Malware and Malicious Web Sites?

What is the most popular way for cyber criminals to spread malware and links to  malicious web sites? A. Software Bundling B. Hacking C. Spam Email D. None of these If you answered “C”, you’re correct. You get an A. Spam is number one when it comes to bringing malicious files and websites to your computer. According to… Read More »

It’s Christmastime – Time for the annual avalanche of Holiday E-Cards

E-cards are created the same way Web sites are; they’re built on the Internet just like this page. So when you send someone an e-card, you’re actually giving them a link to click, which takes them to the online greeting card you created for them. You should always approach links in e-mail with caution. Sally Babcock, General Manager… Read More »