The Dictator in Windows 10

By | September 9, 2018
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How to Use Dictation in Windows 10

Sorry for the clickbait, I couldn’t resist using the word “dictator” – did you picture Bill Gates with a little mustache and wearing a military uniform?

Enough of that…

Did you know that beginning with the Windows 10 Version 1803 (April 2018 Update) it’s easier than ever to use your voice to take a note, write your thoughts or it’s now easier than ever to take a note , write an email or even write a story or an essay, just by using your device’s microphone and your voice?

To use the new and improved dictation feature in Windows 10 Version 1803 (April 2018 Update) and newer versions of Windows 10, press and hold down the Windows Key and tap the H key, then place your cursor in (almost) any text field and start talking. It works with almost any app including MS Word, WordPad and Gmail.

Here’s an example of Windows 10 Dictation being used with MS Word. See?

Windows 10 Tips by Cloudeight - Dictation in Windows 10

Above: You can see Windows Dictation is “Listening…” and in Word you can see what I’ve dictated. You can add punctuation by saying comma, period, etc.  And you’ll find that the more you use Windows Dictation, the better it does at understanding your voice.

When you’re done dictating just say “Stop dictating”.

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3 thoughts on “The Dictator in Windows 10


    Wow it even works in here. So now my comments will no longer be refused because they are not conforming to some sort of format. I also tried this in Facebook And it works there . But it is a little time consuming for me having to go back and correct Letters that did not come out right . But this is working Quite well and I hope to get more proficient with it Thank you .

  2. Cindy

    It just keeps showing “Initializing …” and goes no further. What did I do wrong?

  3. Kareena

    I have the latest Win 10 updates installed and it will not work in Wordpad or Word. Have rebooted, checekd the microphone array is working via Settings and still no go. What could it be please?


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