The Exploitation of Senior Citizens

By | March 11, 2019
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The Exploitation of Senior Citizens

We’ve been doing computer repair work since 2011. In the past eight years, we have worked on thousands of computers and we’ve seen just about everything. All too frequently we’ve seen computer repair services taking advantage of senior citizens.

Far too often we have learned of people paying hundreds of dollars for unnecessary computer work that didn’t repair anything. Far too many times we have helped people who were frightened by some computer repair crook who told them that their computer was corrupted, infected or “hacked”. We see now, more than ever, companies that most consider legitimate preying on and scaring folks with the “dark web” threat, knowing full well that most people don’t know much at all about the dark web. Nothing frightens people more than the unknown.

We’ve watched dishonest companies prosper; we’ve seen crooks become wealthy. We’ve seen people scared into spending hundreds of dollars unnecessarily by one tech support scam or another. When we read a recent article in the “USAToday” newspaper, we were not shocked.

Here’s part of that article – and it’s so disturbing to us because, in our work, we see this going on every day.

$356,000 to protect your computer?

Feds promise ‘all-out attack’ on scams targeting the elderly

By Kevin Johnson|Mar. 7th, 2019 USAToday

WASHINGTON – One man, alarmed at the thought that hackers might attack his computer, shelled out $14,990 to a company promising a “fix” that would keep it safe.

Eight months later, the 68-year-old from Hawaii mailed the same company a check for $24,999 more. And he kept paying. All told, the unnamed man, who suffers from dementia, sent about $356,000 in checks and wire transfers, unaware that the computer security alert was part of a network of elaborate scams that the government says cost the nation’s elderly and infirm hundreds of millions of dollars over the past year alone.

The case is part of a heartbreaking archive of court documents filed in just the past year, charging more than 200 suspects with trying to swindle 2 million Americans, most of them elderly.

Federal authorities said the illicit operations, some based in the United States and others scattered across the globe, looted seniors of nearly $1 billion. The charges brought in the past 12 months, the second such enforcement campaign in as many years, represents the largest of the federal sweeps against elder fraud.

‘Crimes against the elderly target some of the most vulnerable people in our society,’ Attorney General William Barr said Thursday. He said the Justice Department will intensify its efforts to target those cams (sic), promising to mount an ‘all-out attack.’…

Read the entire USAToday article here.

We see this kind of thing all the time. Just in the past week, we did computer repair work for several people who were told their computers were corrupted or infected. These folks were offered “repairs” costing hundreds of dollars. Many times the cost of the repair was more than the cost of a new computer – and sometimes much more than a new computer.

We have been on the Web for twenty years and we thought we had seen it all, but it seems to us that things just keep getting worse. There is hardly a day that goes by that we don’t spend time trying put things in perspective for people who receive threatening or terrifying emails. The best defense against this new wave of selling by fear is the truth, but it’s hard to reach out to everyone.

And the truth is that legitimate companies and crooks alike are raking in billions of dollars by scaring people – particularly older folks – into buying something they don’t need or paying for computer “repairs” that are not necessary and which may actually their computers worse. By changing settings and drivers and so on, the computer tech ensures future computer problems and therefore a returning customer.

The problem is not limited to the elderly. But older folks, more than any other group, use their computers as their window on the world. More than younger people, seniors use their computers to keep in touch with their family and friends, to pass the time, to do social networking, to develop or engage in hobbies, and more. Many senior citizens use their computer to learn new things, to explore new places, to make travel plans, and keep up with the happenings around the world.

Crooks and miscreants pray on older people because they are more trusting. And let’s not forget, most people – young or old are not always computer savvy. Thus we have crooks preying on the older people – and taking millions of dollars from them because they are more trusting and not always computer savvy.

But it is not only the crooks.  Lately, we have seen more and more legitimate companies using the boogeyman approach to sell products and services using fear to bolster sales.

“Your Social Security number was found on the dark web” is a popular subject line in the boogeyman approach to selling something. When you click the link to find out exactly where your Social Security number appeared and how it’s being used, don’t expect to get the information free – it’s going to cost you. And more often than not the threat will be either non-existent or trivial.

We work hard and spend a lot of time staying informed and keeping up with things so that we can help you. One of the most important ways we help you is by separating the truth from fiction and weeding out facts from the hyperbole.

But we’re just a very small company and our reach is limited. But that does not stop us from doing all we can to keep our readers – who we consider our friends – informed and up-to-date so they can enjoy using their computers without unwarranted fear. We help our readers separate the truth from the fiction – and the facts from the hyperbole.

We don’t want any of you to become a victim of a tech support scam or a fear-induced swindle. We don’t want you being frightened into action by an email from a legitimate company that resorts to fear to sell you a product or service you do not need. We don’t want you to be scared into buying a service because someone convinces you that your Social Security number is on the “Dark Web” and that you must take action — or else.

We don’t want you being tricked by some VPN company’s advertisements that want you to believe that for “just” $3.00 a month per computer, you can be protected from malware, hackers, viruses, identity theft, and all manner of evil by using a VPN service. It’s just not true.

Fear and panic are the arch enemies of common sense. When you know the facts and you know the truth, you’re less likely to panic. And if you don’t panic and you are not scared, you are going to think more clearly and you’re more likely to make the right choices, whether you’re a senior citizen or not.

We want to help keep you safe. We don’t want you to lose money you cannot afford to lose to swindlers and crooks. We don’t want you to spend as much or more on fake computer repairs as you’d spend on a brand new computer.

Every week we answer hundreds of emails from folks asking for help with their computers. And we don’t charge a penny. Our job is to keep you safe, keep you informed, and if you need computer repairs, offer you more than a fair price.

Sometimes we struggle financially but we never, ever, let that affect the way we run our business or influence what products or services we endorse and/or sell.

Our computer repair keys are $50 for one computer repair.

Our SeniorPass gets our friends 60 and older a year’s worth of computer repair and service for $99.

Our daily newsletter and our weekly newsletter are both free.

If you don’t need any of the products or services we offer, we accept donations. Even the smallest donation helps.

We want you to be safe. We want to save you money. We don’t want you to be a victim of a tech support scam, a computer repair service that preys on the elderly or spend your money on subscriptions to services that promise to keep you safe but don’t.

We want you to enjoy your computer and have fun. Like most everything else in this world, the Internet can be a very wonderful place or a very terrible place. We want you to have to fun and enjoy technology without worrying about the boogeyman. We don’t want you to be a victim of a scam or exploited by some tech support crook or online scheme to steal your money. We want to keep you safe by keeping you informed.

Thank you for reading this… and thank you for your friendship and your support.









21 thoughts on “The Exploitation of Senior Citizens

  1. Frank Flaherty

    We have an elderly neighbor who was just about to begin paying these scammers when he explained the problem to me. It was an easy fix–with Darcy’s usual helpfulness–and it just made me wish that they all read your newsletters. My Mom, who just turned 90, introduced me to Cloudeight many years ago and the best testimonial that I can give is that you have kept our computers problem free in all those years. Cloudeight would have new corporate headquarters, should we ever win the Lotto! Keep fighting the good fight.

  2. Muriel Schlecht

    “Feds promise ‘all-out attack’ on scams targeting the elderly”

    Oh, how I wish I could believe that. The Feds always promise a lot in the way of “protection” (for the elderly or any age).
    There will always be the crooks of the world. Those who purposefully intend to lie, deceive, and steal . What bothers me most is the so-called “legitimate” companies who, with the blessings of our law makers, can do, say, sell, advertise, lose all signs of integrity and ethics, etc. and claim anything they want to claim, charge anything they want to charge, at our expense, and get away with it seemingly WITHOUT accountability….we can’t even organize and start class-action suits in the courts anymore. And some of those companies deal in products that exist to “protect” us, our computers, etc. As soon as “the Feds” do something meaningful about those companies (and I doubt they ever will), then my faith will be restored in “the Feds” servicing the common man, woman, or child….the consumers. I am so so so glad that I found you guys years ago, and that you have maintained your integrity and ethics. I, for one, can TRUST you to do your very best in doing what you claim to do, especially when it comes to protecting us or at least keeping us honestly warned/informed in computerland.

  3. Nora

    Amen to that! I found you guys 20 years ago and trust you implicitly. I’ve received phone scams, email scams and door salesmen scams. Because of you I’ve learned to recognize the method of operation and lies they tell. I don’t do surveys, make donations or give out any kind of information over the phone or by email or any other means of communication unless I initiate it and trust who I’m dealing with and know who I’m dealing with. I’m almost 80 and street smart and pass on what I learn to others of my generation. Thank you for this article. I will pass it on to my friends.

  4. Carol

    My answering machine says, ” If you’re selling something, asking for donations or taking a survey, – I’m not interested. Friends and family leave a message after the tone” If no message is left, I know it’s a scam of some sort.
    Plus my internet provider shows who’s calling on my TV so I don’t need to run for the phone.

  5. JonInOz

    Hi TC & EB,
    You have posted the information at this point in time which witnesses the rapidly growing number of miscreants using dozens of tactics to extricate money from the honest, unwary members of society all over the world.
    I have an idea which in a small way may go to helping our elderly citizens be more aware of the steps to take to avoid unsolicited offers of any description which steals money or private and personal information for the illegal gain of said miscreants. (ratbags or scumbags in Australia)

    With your permission I would like to copy the article and distribute copies to every Aged Care and Retirement Village, Seniors Club and the like and suggest this be at least posted on their Notice Board in a prominent position or distribute a copy to residents who use a computer and/ or telephone.

    Kind Regards,

    John D.

    1. infoave Post author

      Feel free to share with anyone you like, John. Thank you!

  6. Don Elias

    The article describes YOU. This forum would not accept my full message. It said my message was full of that canned meat.

  7. Judy

    Darcy and TC , you guys have been the best thing that ever happened to me concerning my computer repairs. And thanks to you both my computer repairs have been few and far between because what you do, you do it so well. You are why I can even afford to have a computer. Because I could not afford to take it in for expensive fixes to my computer messes. The best part, I don’t even have to take it in. So convenient and you do amazing work. We love you, I cannot imagine computering without you. Please never grow old, because I need you!

  8. Jennifer Akridge

    TC & EB: I am one of them. Thank you so much for your essay and for all you do to keep us informed and protected.

  9. Patty M-Bray

    Thank you, Darcy and TC. You make it possible to have a life. Thinking about what my mom did at my age without computers, etc, I realized her house was always immaculate, she would feed an unannounced crowd with food she had “put up” or had already freshly baked, etc.
    Heaven help anyone dropping in on me if they are expecting to be “in time for dinner” or even find a place to sit and visit.
    They will find me at the computer, catching up on family and friends and learning as much as I can about my MANY medical problems or looking at beautiful places I will never be able to visit.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  10. Maxine hunt

    You are correct when you say fear has become the best sales tool used today. We are subject to tales of dreadful outcomes and warnings if we ignore the adds for health insurance, life insurance, car insurance, drugs, pesticides, and a whole list of other things that are mostly designed to get us to part with our money. Some of the adds make sense but are used to sell products that are no good or even harmful (listen to the side effects of some of the pharmaceuticals-worse than the ailment!). I usually try to step back and take a look at what is being pushed, including solicitations for animals, veterans, miracle health treatments and products promising miracles, hearing improvements and free car repairs. Then pull out your common sense and temper the information with what sounds right to you– will that solar light protect you from criminals if you haven’t seen the sun in 30 days? (for instance).

  11. Vicki Garrett

    Over the years whenever I needed help with a problem on my computer I learned to trust you from the get go! Plus there were times when I needed an answer to a question and got the help I needed within a good amount of time. I wouldn’t trust anyone else! I get your info newsletter on another email address and save almost every one plus I get the daily newsletter on this email address and save the majority of them as well. I have learned a great deal through the newsletters, etc. Thanks so much TC and Darcy for the time and effort you put into all you do! I’m a 70+ person and know I can count of you to fair and just in everything. The scammers and fortune hunters can go fly a kite as far as I’m concerned….If anything looks too good to be true, forget it! Hugs to both of you. Vicki

  12. Georgina Jones

    Hi there:
    I’m 92 and not the sharpest knife in the drawer so it is very reassuring to know you are there to sort out the problems I create on my computer……… which I do lot. I am getting better though.
    Thank you………God Bless



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