The Fighters

By | February 14, 2019
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The Fighters

Nah, we’re not those kinds of fighters.

We’re not the kind of fighters that throw knockout punches or wild left hooks. We’re fighters fighting for you and fighting to keep our small business going. If you have a small business, then you know that you have to be a fighter to survive, because nothing comes easy.

About twenty-two years ago, Darcy and I were riding on a wave of popularity with our email stationery. Eventually, our Cloudeight Stationery website became the biggest and most well-known email stationery site on the Web. But even while we were riding the wave of popularity that was growing and growing, we made a commitment to those who visited our sites and those who subscribed to our newsletters. When someone wrote for help, we helped them. We tried to answer every email we received. And back in those days, we were getting over a thousand a week. 

I’ll be honest, Darcy is the one who answered most of those… I was the dreamer and she was the doer.  And it was Darcy who set the high standards for our business that we still live by today.

Twenty years ago we were growing and growing and growing. We reached the peak of our success and popularity in 2006, 2007 and 2008. But then Microsoft threw us a curve. They released Windows 7 without an email program. Windows Mail and Outlook Express were going to fade away and with them our stationery and our popularity, 

But we’re fighters, and though in 2009 we had not seen many hard times, we could see that the future was not looking good. We had to change our business model or fade away like so many other sites of that era did.

Darcy ‘the doer’ actually came up with the idea for Cloudeight Direct Computer Care. That was eight years ago. And over the past eight years we have cared for and repaired thousands of Windows computers. 

Since started Cloudeight Direct Computer Care in 2011, we’ve kept our mission simple: Great service. Great prices. Honest, professional service.

We still charge only $50 for a computer repair session. And we stay with the job until it’s done whether it takes 45 minutes or 2 hours.  And throughout the year we offer specials to provide customers with even bigger savings on computer care and repair.

We have resisted raising our prices because the computer care  and repair industry is full of scammers and shysters who take advantage of the fact that many computer users really don’t know much about the computers they use. So we always provide more-than -fair prices for everyone all the time.

On top of the paid services we offer, we continue to provide help and support by email at no charge at all. Every week we still answer hundreds of emails, many of them are people writing for help with their computers. And if their problems can be solved with an email, we’re glad to help whenever we can.

This is how we run our business and how we’ll always run our business. But sometimes this business model means we have to be fighters to survive. Like many other small businesses, like most other small businesses, we have times of the year when sales are good and times when sales are slow.

After twenty plus years, we’re good at rolling with the punches . And like fighters, we need trainers. We are fighters and trainers. When Darcy gets down, I get her back up on her feet and get her ready to fight again. And when I get down, Darcy does the same things for me.

We fight for Cloudeight, we fight for each other, and we fight for you.

Our most valuable asset isn’t our knowledge or ability to fix and care for computers. Nope. We know that our most valuable asset is and will always be YOU – the folks who support us who have stuck with us for a long time.

You’re the best. Your continued support enables us to continue to help you avoid the dangers we all face every day on the web. It enables us to give you honest reviews of products, services and web sites. 

And when sales are slow, we run donation drives, to help us tough out the tough times. You’ve never let us down yet – and we’ll never let you down.

We’re fighters: We fight to keep our small business alive. But just as importantly, we will always fight for you. 

We hope that during our 2019 Winter Donation Drive, you’ll be able to help us out with a small gift. Even the smallest donation helps.

We’re fighters – and we will always be fighters.

And we will always be fighting for YOU.

2019 Donataion Drive

Make a small donation and help us help you!


7 thoughts on “The Fighters

  1. Beverly Hahn

    Darcy & TC,

    Both of you are amazing! The successful business you had developed, and which I enjoyed using, was hit by factors not under your control. Still, by adapting, you’ve managed to survive, and you did it without selling out your souls. Literally, what you provide is unique: advice, solutions, and products that those of us who are home computer users can trust.

    Thank you for your many years of honest service. I am glad to donate, although the amount does not adequately reflect the value you have given.

    1. infoave Post author

      Thanks so much Beverley. The amount of the donation is not important.

  2. Yvonne

    I just donated. I appreciate every single day you’ve been with us! Thank you BOTH!!

  3. Sharon Langdon

    It’s you two who are the best! I’ve used your service several times with great results and will continue to use it when needed. I absolutely loved your stationeries when I got my first computer and use some now with Thunderbird. I hope you’ll be around for a long, long time. I’ve recommended you to many people. Some take my advice, some don’t. I’m on my way now to make a donation. I truly wish it could be more! Bless you both


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