Three Easy Time-Saving Tips

By | September 8, 2021
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Three Easy Time-Saving Tips

Easy Windows Tips - Cloudeight

Sometimes the best Windows tips are the easiest and simplest ones – at least we think so. And today we’re featuring three simple little tips that will save you time.

Tip #1

Let’s say, you are filling out a Web form and you make a mistake -you typed in the incorrect email address or whatever. Instead of backspacing to remove the incorrect address, put your cursor in the form field and press the CTRL key plus the A key and then the Delete Key.

How it works: CTRL + A highlights everything in the form field. The Delete key deletes all the highlighted text.

Tip #2

Now, imagine you’re viewing an exceptionally long web page and you want to go back to the top. Instead of scrolling all the way back up, press the HOME key. If you want to go to the bottom of the page, instead of scrolling all the way down to the bottom, just press the END key. It’s simple, I tells ya!

Tip #3

OK, last one: Here’s a really easy way to highlight a large block of text. Let’s use this tip as an example. While it’s not a “large block” of text, you’ll see how it works. Put your cursor at the beginning of this tip and left-click. Now put it at the bottom of this tip and click while holding down the SHIFT key. Pretty cool, eh?

4 thoughts on “Three Easy Time-Saving Tips

  1. Mike Russell

    On Tip #3, it’s actually even easier to just place your cursor anywhere within the paragraph and click 3 times quickly. The entire paragraph will be highlighted. Also, just clicking twice on a word will quickly select just that word.

  2. Barb

    Great to know about Tip #3. I’m sure it will come in very handy, especially if you need to copy/delete a larger block that’s part of one or more paragraphs. Thanks again!

  3. Di

    great tips, I knew the second one but 1 & 3 are going to be used a lot by me now. thanks for the tips


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