Three great tips for Windows 7

By | March 1, 2011
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This tip is for Windows 7 all versions.

1.Managing Your Windows
Windows 7 makes managing your program windows and documents easier by allowing
you to “dock” a window or change its size with a simple move of the mouse or a
single keystroke. To dock your window on one half of the screen, drag it to the
left or right and it will change size to fit half of the screen. To alter the
vertical size of a window, drag the window to the top to maximize it, or simply
double-click the window’s top or bottom border to maximize it vertically while
keeping its width the same. Play around with windows on Windows 7 – it is much
easier to manage your program windows and documents in Windows 7 than in
previous versions of Windows.

2. Sticky Notes are a Windows 7 feature
Of all the freeware we feature, whenever we feature a sticky notes
program, we always get a lot of response from readers. It seems a lot of people
love sticky notes program. Apparently enough people love them that Microsoft
actually heard them and built a sticky notes program into Windows 7. And Windows
7 Sticky Notes are pretty good too, as good as some of the ones you can download
for XP and Vista. You can choose any of 7 colors and if you’re in the middle of
typing a sticky note and you need to create another one, just click the plus (+)
sign at the left-top corner of the note you’re creating. To access Windows 7
Sticky Notes – click Start and type StikyNot.exe in the search area of the start
menu, or click Start / All Programs / Accessories / Sticky Notes.

3.Windows 7 helps you reduce clutter
Previous versions of Windows seemed to have a haphazard way of
cluttering up the desktop with windows behind windows behind windows – all
behind the active window. Windows 7 allows you to get rid of all those windows
behind your active window by pressing the Windows Key plus the Home Key, this
minimizes all inactive windows. If you want them all back again, just press the
Windows Key and the Home Key again.

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