What Are You Looking For?

By | February 5, 2019
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What Are You Looking For?

Whenever we publish a tip like “How to Organize Folders“, it inevitably leads to another tip. A question from a reader about our “How to Organize Folders” article, led us to this tip. And we wonder just how many of you have noticed the little folder search box when you open a folder?

Take a look at the screenshot below; we’ve outlined the folder search box. He’re we’re searching our Pictures for any photos with “Savannah” in the name. And you can see, we got a lot of results:

Cloudight InfoAve Windows tips

But you’re not limited to searching by name, you can search by file type. In the screenshot below, we’re looking for PDF files in our Documents folder. So, how to you search for all files ending with a .pdf extension? It’s easy we tells ya!  In the folder search box type *.pdf and start your search. All your PDF files will show up in the search results.

Cloudight InfoAve Windows tips

Below we’re looking for a .zip file in our Downloads folder. We can use the folder search box to show us all the zip files in our downloads folder by searching for *.zip …. see?

Cloudight InfoAve Windows tips

The folder search box can really help you find things in folders, but only if you use it. Now that you know where it is and how to use it. So whether you’re searching for a file by name or file type, this tip should help you.

What are you looking for?

4 thoughts on “What Are You Looking For?

  1. elaine

    I am looking for, preferably, a free OCR utility. Have just bought a new printer with what I thought had OCR capability but it scans to notepad only. I would like to scan to MS Word or at least WordPad.
    Thank you
    Regards Elaine

    1. infoave Post author

      Not sure what you mean “scans to” Notepad. Most printer/scanners come with software to scan to various formats.

  2. Linda Brunetto

    Emsisoft has a new browser or add on according to a pop up I keep getting. Have you tried that yet? I did not want to download it until I saw it was legit. Thank you!


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