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By | July 2, 2011
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If you’re using a Windows 7 computer right now and you’d like to learn about all its new features, then we’ve got a download for you. We’re not really sure how to describe this tool. It’s not really a program, but yes it is a program. It doesn’t perform any tasks, but it does – it teaches you all about Windows 7 in very unique way – by making all of Windows 7’s features available to you — “In a Box”. That’s it! That’s why they call this program “Windows 7 In a Box”- because it is.

— Windows7 in a Box can make the complete novice seem like a pro in just seconds.
— Uses very little Memory.
— No need to install anything.
— Sits on your Desktop or wherever you place it – it even runs from a flash drive – any flash drive
— Just click on what you’re looking for and you’re there. It cant get any simpler than that.
— You can access almost every function and every setting of Windows 7.
— No Spyware. No Adware. No Malware free

InfoAve by Cloudeight
This little box sits on your Windows 7 desktop (or not – your choice)

Here’s an example of what you see if you click, “Tools” for example. (See screenshot below.)

InfoAve by Cloudeight
Clicking any of the items in this list opens them. What could be easier?

Windows 7 In a Box is distributed as a RAR file (250KB), we’ve extracted it and are making it available as an exe file, since most of you won’t be able to open RAR files, and extracted this file is still less than 400KB only about a 3 1/2 minute download on dialup connections. Don’t download this file if you’re using Windows XP or Windows Vista. It will run just fine, but when you click the different functions, many of them won’t work. DUH! Because you’re not using Windows 7, of course.

You can download the EXE file here. This programs does not install. You click the EXE file and it opens. Nice program. Great if you need a zillion tips for Windows 7 and don’t have time to read long, wordy tips and tricks – or Windows 7 For Dummies books.

Hope you like it! You’ll learn a lot about Windows 7 by doing rather than reading.

Windows 7 in a Box works with Windows 7 – all versions (32bit and 64bit). It also works as a portable program – just download it to a flash drive and click on the executable.

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  2. Mary

    Downloaded the Win 7 in a box to a flashdrive, double-clicked the exe to open & got message:

    J:\7 in a Box\win7box.exe is not a valid Win32 application. NOW WHAT? Am I missing something?

    1. infoave Post author

      It means you have a bad internet connection and didn’t download the complete file (file size on your computer does not match that on the server) or you have a corrupted sector on your flash drive.

  3. Susan

    Just tried to download Win in a box. My McAfee came up “dangerous” – I clicked download anyway and McAfee came up again saying it detected a trojan, had removed it – and also removed box that was downloading despite my saying it was ok to go ahead.

    1. infoave Post author

      Thank you for furthering our argument we’ve made for years – McAfee if one of the worst things you can have on your computer – expensive and one of the worst for false-positives. There’s nothing wrong with that file. It’s been downloaded by thousands – it’s a great program – unfortunately we can’t say the same for McAfee. You’re wasting $50 a year on McAfee. Microsoft Security Essentials is rated higher in protection and lower in false-positives – easier on system resources – and it’s free. Why would you still use McAfee?

  4. Bill Jacobs

    Excellent!! Downloaded it and checked it out. Found all kind of things. Big thanks to you for offering this. I have Win7 32 bit.

  5. Maithe

    Tried to download it and there was a Trojan attached to it according to my McAfee anti virus….any other way? Would love to have it though….

  6. Maithe

    BTW McAfee came with this new computer for 15 months….so sorry but can’t remove it for a while.

  7. TC

    So you’re going to keep using a program for 15 months because it came “free” with your computer – and put up with annoying false positives and slower computer? Because it came free? There are better security programs you can install that are also free and free forever – not for 15 months.

    It makes no sense to use a program that can’t tell the difference between a good file and a bad file. It makes no sense to use a program that uses up 15 or 20% of your system resources and that doesn’t protect your computer as well as other programs which are free.

    If you didn’t like watermelon – and someone gave you a truckload of watermelons free – would you eat them just because they were free?

    The ONLY reason new computers come with pre-installed trialware like Norton and McAfee is because the computer manufacturer gets paid to put them on. They make money from it – it’s not because the programs are the best or even good…it’s because Norton, McAfee, etc. PAY the computer company to put their programs on new computers PLUS pay them a kickback when you cough up $50 in 15 months for the privilege of have McAfee give you false positives, annoying false warnings, and slow your computer down.

    It’s your computer – you can do with it what you want.

  8. Susan

    Thanks for the advice re McAfee and Norton. I’m going to remove them from both my computers and install Microsoft Security Essentials. I was going to do this on your suggestion a while ago but it said I had to uninstall other like programs.
    Does Essentials also cover well those things picked up by SuperAntispyware?

    1. TC

      You should leave SuperAntiSpyware installed – it’s an antispyware and not an antivirus – it doesn’t hurt to have two antispyware programs on your computer. Antispyware isn’t nearly as sophisticated as antivirus. MSE is a great antivirus – but its antispyware component isn’t all it should be – still it’s better than McAfee and Norton which have far too many false positives and which are far too restrictive.

  9. Susan

    Thanks a million. Have uninstalled McAfee & installed Essentials. Now to change laptop Norton.
    By the way, do you know how to get rid of unauthorized internet connection lists? I have one internet stick, but other companies keep coming up, about 5 of them, saying connected and I can’t disconnect them. When I untick them, they are there again next time I connect to internet on my laptop. You are great and so very helpful to we who are tech challenged!!

  10. Susan

    I’ve downloaded Win7 in a box. It came up on my screen and I thought it would stay there, but next time I started my computer it was gone and I can’t find it.
    How do I access this? Not very tech savvy so telling me to click the exe file and it opens doesn’t help. Where do I find the exe file??
    Thanks so much – once more you are so very appreciated.

    1. infoave Post author

      Windows In a Box does not install – it’s a simple exe file. You click on the file an it opens. It does not create a shortcut in the start menu. If you cannot find it, redownload it – after you do, right-click on it and choose “Pin to Start Menu” – that will put a shortcut to it on your Start Menu.

  11. Susan

    When I right clicked on it, all I got was “move” and “close”. So I can’t “pin it” to my Start Menu.
    I feel so inept because you have helped me along on this one simple thing and I still can’t get it.
    Rest assured I AM doing the download on Windows 7.

  12. Susan

    Know I’m asking too many questions, but really need this last bit of help. Would you still be able to answer the comment above? Thank you.

  13. pAULINE

    i TRIED TO download windows 7 in a box twice. I don’t have
    McAfee or norton I have AVG, AdAware, Super Anti Spyware,
    and Malwarebytes Anti Maallware. Both times I tried AVG came up and said, It determined threat Trojan/backdoor
    Malware. Now I know that program is good but, I’m worried about my AVG. I have used it for years and nothing has happen like this before. I know you know why it’s doing this. I want this program real bad but, I don’t know what to do now.


    1. infoave Post author

      It shows you why we don’t recommend AVG. It’s getting ridiculous. You can find out that Windows 7 in a Box is safe and that AVG is displaying a false positive by checking Windows 7 in a Box out at – or by scanning it with almost any online scanner.

      It’s a shame that false-positives are rampant. We don’t recommend AVG, McAfee or Norton for many reasons – not the least of which is the unacceptably high number of false-positives they display.

      We’re sorry you won’t be able to enjoy this program – that so many others have enjoyed.

  14. Susan

    can you please finish off my question about downloading win7inbox by telling me why my rt click after download only gives move and close as options. I use MS Essentials and Avast.
    So can’t get it pinnned to start menu as mentioned above.
    Please help me.

  15. Jack

    Excellent program for those people (like me) who prefer lists instead of typing and just don’t remember keystrokes and/or where to find this or that option.
    Others should just allow such ‘old fashion dinosaurs’ to coexist with post-yups and techno-kly kids.
    Probably more ways to become happy in life exist, so let everybody choose his/her own.

    I downloaded win7box.exe on a X64 and it ran without problem.
    Right clicking on it allows to pin it on taskbar or start menu.
    To Susan : these options may have been disable on your system, just check them. In case they have been checked and it still doesn’t work a workaround may be to create a shortcut at the desktop (rightclick Win7box.exe and use the ‘send to’) followed by rightclicking on that shortcut created and pinning it to taskbar or start menu.

  16. Marchien

    I put it on the other day and really like it.I had to shut down my PC for a bit another day and it was gone when I logged back on.


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