Words from Acpressions

By | April 22, 2021
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Words from Acpressions

Twenty-one years ago, we introduced Cloudeight Acpressions. It became part of our Cloudeight family. At that time Cloudeight Stationery was the most popular email stationery site on the web and it was growing fast.

Back then, Darcy and I spent most of our time creating stationery, screen savers, and other fun things. One of the last things we added to our Cloudeight Stationery family of websites was Acpressions – the name being a play on the word “Expressions”.

Our Acpressions website featured hundreds of sharable thoughts, expressions, and poems that we combined with Java applets and images. Our Acpressions were unique and quickly became a popular part of Cloudeight.

But nothing ever stays the same. Our Acpressions were rendered useless when browsers stopped supporting Java applets – and wouldn’t you know we built nearly the entire Acpressions site on Java applets. When browsers stopped supporting Java applets, we sadly decided to close our Acpressions website.

The other day I was going through the backup copy we have of Acpressions, and while I could not view the Acpressions I was still able to view some of the poems and thoughts we wrote. And today, instead of our usual essay, we’d like to share some of the verses, thoughts, and poems that we shared with the world all those years ago.

We hope you enjoy this journey back in time – and the Words of Acpressions.


Friends Forever

I know that no matter what,
you’ll always be my friend.
When times get rough,
and I think they’ll never end,
You bring sunshine to the darkest days.
And you’ve shown in so many ways
We’re friends forever!

Thank you for being my friend!


Best Friends

It’s a wonderful feeling,
Having a friend like you.
You make each day unique,
With the things you say and do.

You make me laugh, and
Sometimes you make me cry.
But. whenever I am feeling down,
You keep me reaching for the sky.

And whenever I have something
That I can’t wait to share,
You’re the one I think of because
I know you truly care.

And so my friend, this poem’s for you,
Not that words could ever show,
What a very special friend you are:
You’re more special than you know.



You can’t buy or sell it —
In fact, you have to give it away to keep it.
Love is scarce yet can be found anywhere.
Love is fragile: It dies in the darkness of deceit, lies,
greed, and arrogance. Love needs the light of truth.

Love is strong: It can conquer sickness, loneliness,
heartache, separation, and even death.
Love needs to be cared for and nourished.
And above all, never taken for granted.
The light of love can change your heart…

And your heart can change the world.


Alone on the Sea

I am a lonely sailor
Alone on the sea.
Without any you…
There isn’t any me.



It is not easy to weather love’s storms,
Nor is it easy to sail on its sea.
It’s hard to tell by the clouds that it forms
What kind of day those clouds will bring me.

Sometimes in anger, I set off to sail
Out on the ocean without a first mate.
Knowing full well that without you I’ll fail,
The Tempest is raging. The Tempest won’t wait.

Miles out to sea, my heart starts to yearn.
And I head for home in the dark of the night.
And all the while you knew I’d return.
Your love never dims, nothing turns out its light.

And you, like a lighthouse, stand waiting for me,
To return from the Tempest; to return from the sea.
Your love, never failing, always bright, always true,
Shines like a lighthouse guiding me home to you.


Missing You

With you and without you,
My thoughts are all about you.

I cannot wait until we are together
once again in each other’s arms.

I’m missing you so much!


A Friend Like You

How did I get so lucky to find a friend like you?
One who’s always there, in good times and in bad,
Who stands with me against the world in
Happy times as well as sad.

One who’s always close; one who’s always there for me.
One who takes my side, whether I am right or wrong.
One who always calls to share,
A thought, a book, or song.

What words can thank you for always standing by my side?
You’ve been there to share my laughter,
And been there when I’ve cried.
I don’t have words enough to say:
Thank you so much for being my friend.
And sharing your world with me
Each and every day.


Come Sail Away

Come sail the bright blue sea
And give your heart to me.
Between the ocean’s far off shores
We’ll find our destiny.
Come now and sail away.
Beyond tomorrow and today
The love that burns eternally,
Shines in Heaven’s bright
profound array.
Our love can be a shining star
If only we could sail away.


Roses In the Snow

Your Friendship, rare and priceless.
Is more priceless than you know.
More rare than gold or emeralds,
Or Roses in The Snow.

Your friendship means so much to me
More than simple words can say…
Your friendship, rare and priceless,
Grows more precious every day.


I Wonder

I wonder if you know the pain
Or feel the tears I cry?
Or hear my laughter just the same
As a stranger passing by?

I often wonder if you know
The sadness in my heart.
Or even if you care about
The time we spend apart.

I wonder why I sit alone
And wonder what you do.
I wonder if you wonder why
I wonder like I do.

I wonder why the shadows fell
Upon the love we knew.
I wonder most of all about
The wonder that was you.


I Believe in Butterflies

I believe in butterflies, and I believe in YOU.
I believe you can do anything that
You believe you can do.

I believe in starry nights and the magic clouds that fly,
Above fairy tales and wind-blown sails,
Through the endless summer sky.

I believe in butterflies, and I believe in love…
I believe we can do anything that we can dream of…
I believe in children and puppy dogs, it’s true…
In soft spring showers and bright spring flowers,
Because I believe in you!


Footprints in the Snow

What shy and pale darkness drifts down upon this land?
Between the seasons changing, a quiet, silent hand.
The gift of life pervading the death that does surround
The whiteness of the morning and the silence all around.

I can see the footprints, the ones I’ve left behind.
A long and winding trail of steps that destiny designed.
A trail of tears and laughter, of sun and shadows deep,
Of promises I’ve broken and ones I’ve yet to keep.

I shall not let this sadness nor lost love set my course.
Or base the steps I’ve yet to take on passion or remorse.
My mind still stained with savage pain of things that cannot be —
Of gentle hours and sweet snow showers and nights upon the sea.

And though today I walk away from things familiar too,
I’ll make new footprints in the snow, where once the flowers grew.
Guided by a dream unseen; a dream that will not die,
My footprints winding through the snow… beneath a twilight sky.


The Sun

I said to the sun, “you are no fool”,
As she danced in the glimmering, shimmering pool.
“You play when it’s warm and you hide from the storm,
And run quickly away when it’s cool.”


It’s So Easy

I’ve seen how many times you have done something nice
For others in your life? You think they go unnoticed
But I notice, and I wanted to say thanks for
All that you do!

Never think that what you’ve done for others is
Not appreciated, for it is, by everyone.
And today I just wanted to say THANK YOU…
For all you’ve done to make this world a better place.

Thank you for all you do…
But most of all thanks for being YOU!


That Child Inside

I remember long ago
Snowmen standing in the snow.
And drifting silent frozen flakes
Fell on the ground below.

I remember blazing stars
And looking up and finding Mars.
And seeing wonder in the sky
As silent castles drifted by.

I remember memories.
The soft and gentle summer breeze.
The feelings all remain inside
But I don’t remember where they hide.

I wonder where that child went,
The one so happy and content?
Could it really truly be
I’ve lost the child inside of me?

Today I’ll brush myself aside
And try to find that child inside.
I’ll make the world a better place
By putting on a child’s face.



Dream of tomorrow
And what you would like it to be.
Dance across mountains.
Dive deep under the sea.
Fly through the night sky.
Make friends with the stars.
Write of your journey to
Saturn and Mars.
You are what you dream,
And your dreams can come true.
Tomorrow’s success begins
With a dreamer like you!

Great dreamers make great doers. Nothing worthwhile was ever created
without a dream.


Memories Can Bring a Smile

When you’ve lost someone you dearly love
It’s hard to find the sun.
Shadows fill the land with gloom and
They cover everyone.

But memories live on and on
Safe from death’s cold touch.
In memories, we find those still,
We love and miss you so much.

Memories can bring a smile even on the saddest day.


It’s a Wonderful World

Sometimes it’s easy to find fault with the world and to see the bad things in it. But the next time you find yourself complaining and finding fault, take a moment to step outside and look at how many beautiful and wondrous things you can find in just 5 minutes. You’ll be surprised at what you see, and the wonderful world God has given to you and to me.


Eternal Love

Whether we dance on ice or fire
Or burn the night away
With loving thoughts and joyful sighs
Beneath the starlit winter skies
No fire can ever burn us,
Nor cold destroy the flame
Which lights the darkest coldest night
And burns the heavens with its light
Our love, eternal, as the wind
As enduring as the sky,
Sails on and on and on its wings
We take slight notice of the dark
And other worldly things…
I love you forever and ever.


One more thing…

And though it’s not Halloween, we had many holiday Acpressions for Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day.  We thought we’d include a Halloween Acpression, just for fun…


Happy Halloween

The witches are flying high
Beneath the starry October sky.
Skeletons shuffle along the sidewalk
Monsters abound! Some with only one eye!

A werewolf is dancing all covered with fur,
And I cannot tell if it’s a him or a her!
Suddenly someone knocks on my door.
It’s some kind of creature I’ve never seen before!
I open the door with a great deal of fright
And look out into the Halloween night.
A tiny voice inside the creature
(A rather strange and ironic little feature)
Says: “I’ll give you a trick if you don’t give me a treat!” As it stood at my doorstep
Obviously looking for something to eat!
I gathered my strength and went looking for candy,
And wouldn’t you know I found something dandy!
I put the treats into the little goblin’s hand
And watched it shuffle off into Halloween land.
About an hour or so later as I was watching TV
My daughter said: “Thanks for the candy, Daddy! That creature was me!”

Be kind to the creatures who visit your door this Halloween!



5 thoughts on “Words from Acpressions

  1. Muruiek Schlecht

    Thank you so much for sharing these again. I’ve missed not having them around when I needed just the right words or sentiment to send to people important to me. The words/sentiment were perfect and the artwork simply beautiful.

    1. muriell schlecht

      HAHA what a ditz I am. Proof reading is so important. Especially when typing your own name….should be Muriel

  2. Dennis Hayden

    Delightful verses. Good job you didn’t forget they were there. Worth sharing.

  3. Shirley Seefeldt

    They all touched my heart. I am going to print all of them and will be using them someday, probably in a greeting card or on an e-card. Thanks for the memories.

  4. Marguerita

    Dear Darcy and TC,
    The poems you have shared with us today bring back memories of your past works that have made Cloudeight so endearing to so many over the years. It is a great pity that miracles cannot beat modern technology and bring back some of the beauty of the past. The Acpressions of the past were beauty in themselves. Thank you for having done so much for your followers over the years and may you continue to prosper and reign for many more years to come.
    A very big thank you just for being you and sharing with us your talent and generosity over the years.
    Maggie . Your Kiwi follower).


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