4 Amazing Game and Puzzle Sites You’ll Love

By | March 28, 2020
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4 Amazing Game and Puzzle Sites You’ll Love

Since we’re “sheltering in place” for the foreseeable future, I decided that today, I would spend some time and find a site that would appeal to almost everyone who. like Darcy and I, are staying home and hunkering down during the coronavirus pandemic. We not only found one site… we found four!

And we are pretty sure that just about everyone will find that one or more of these websites, will provide enjoyable ways to pass the time… and help you forget the worldwide crises.

These sites are all free. But before each game, you’ll have to wait for an advertisement (you can skip the ad after a few seconds). If you have an adblocker like uBlock Origin you won’t see or hear the advertisement, but you will still have to wait a few seconds before the game begins. But once the advertisement is done, you can play the game uninterrupted.

Here are Arkadium’s four “Best of” sites. If you enjoy playing Solitaire, Mahjong, Sudoku, or solving Crossword puzzles, you’re sure to find a great deal of enjoyment on one or all of these sites.

The Best of Solitaire

From Solitaire Classic to Spider Solitaire and Klondike to Pyramid, we have you covered with our free online Best Of Solitaire games collection!

Solitaire Overview

Whether you are looking for classic solitaire, spider solitaire or something else in the wonderful world of solitaire we have you covered! Our collection of solitaire games covers an array of versions, from stalwarts of solitaire like Classic Solitaire and Spider Solitaire to the quirky cards of Klondike Solitaire and Pyramid Solitaire! Get playing now and enjoy your favorite solitaire games!

Fun Facts About Solitaire

The word “solitaire” is derived from the Latin word “solitarius” which is a combination of “solitas” and “solus”, meaning “isolation and “alone”, respectively. It is thought that the word “solitaire” was first used in the 18th Century.

You can be a professional solitaire player! You could earn as much as $250,000 per year from competitive solitaire games.

The first game of solitaire is believed to have been played in Scandinavia or Germany during the 18th Century – long before you could play free solitaire online!

The term Klondike solitaire is named after a region of western Canada, the site of a famous gold rush. This is also another name for classic solitaire or simply, solitaire.

Spider solitaire recieved its name because there are 8 legs on a spider and 8 discard piles to be filled in order to complete the game. Also, spider and solitaire are an alliteration, so spider solitaire rolls off the tongue with ease.

Cloudeight Site Pick

The Best of Mahjong

Enjoy playing the Best Of Mahjong! We have you covered with our free online collection, ranging from Classic Mahjong to Mahjong Dimensions — a fan favorite — and many others!

Best of Mahjong Overview

Welcome to the very best of Mahjong! The location for you to find all of your favorite Mahjong games! Whether you’re after Mahjong Dimensions, Mahjong Candy or Mahjong Alchemy, we have you covered! Enjoy playing the best of Mahjong online for free today!

Fun Facts About Mahjong

What is Mahjong? Well, Mahjong is a game that originated in China during the Qing dynasty! Way before you could play free Mahjong online!
Is Mahjong a game of luck or skill, you may be asking? It’s both! You make your own luck by selecting the right tiles at the right time to help increase your chance of completing your Mahjong puzzle as quickly as possible.

Did you know, in 2002, Japan was host of the first ever Mahjong World Championship at its Mahjong Museum! Japanese player Mai Hatsune of Japan won the tournament!

Want to know how to learn Mahong? It’s simple! All you have to do is match tiles that have the same characters or symbol on them, and that aren’t obstructed by other tiles. For more information, play one of our Mahjong games!

Since 2010, Mahjong has been the most popular game in Japan! Apparently, people play Mahjong 24/7 — the game is that popular!

Cloudeight Site Pick

The Best of Sudoku

Enjoy playing the very best of Sudoku! Our collection of free online Sudoku puzzles have you covered, with standard web versions, Daily Sudokus, and interesting twists including Diagonal Sudoku! Instantly play your favorite Sudoku games online for free!

Sudoku Overview

Welcome to the very best of Sudoku! You will find your favorite Sudoku puzzles here, from classic games to new fresh daily versions of the beloved free online number puzzle. Whether you’re a Sudoku pro or new to the game, start playing now and find your favorite Web Sudoku game today!

Sudoku Fun Facts

Sudoku does not require any math language or skills! Anyone with logic skills can play Sudoku.

Though its Japanese name means “single numbers,” Sudoku is not a Japanese game! It was invented by Leonhard Euler, a Swiss mathematician, in the 1780s. Sudoku, of course, is now a newspaper staple and online versions of the game — including our free online versions — have proliferated!

In Japan, interestingly enough, Sudoku is not called Sudoku. Instead, they call it “The place of the number.”

The worldwide Sudoku championship takes place every year in Lucca, Italy.

Playing Sudoku daily can increase your focus, ease depression and prevent dementia, according to some studies.

It would take you multiple lifetimes to play every variation of a 9×9 Sudoku grid — there are over 6,670,903,752,021,072,936,960 possible games!

Sudoku puzzles are played so frequently that no one knows exactly how many people play it! Determining the exact number is impossible because people play it in different formats, including printable sudoku, online, or via download.

Cloudeight Site Pick

The Best of Crossword

Enjoy playing the very best of Crossword!

Best of Crossword Overview

Welcome to crossword heaven! This is the premium destination for all the free online crossword puzzles you could ever wish for. Whether you’re looking for the most challenging wordplay you can find or simply want a printable crossword puzzle with your Sunday coffee, we’ve got you covered. Get crackin’ at those crossword clues and play to your heart’s content!

Crossword Fun Facts

The very first crossword puzzle that we know of was created by Englishman Arthur Wynne, who published it in 1913.

Crosswords were banned in Paris during WWII for fear they’d be used by spies to pass messages to the enemy.

The word for the process of creating a crossword puzzle is “cruciverbalism.”

Stanley Newman broke the record for the fastest crossworld completion in 1996 with a time of 2 minutes and 14 seconds … maybe you’ll be our next champion?

Cloudeight Site Pick

These four Cloudeight Site Picks all all free and offer you a wonderful way to pass the time any old time. But right now during this unprecedented time, when tens of millions of us are sheltering in place and staying at home, these sites are just what the doctor ordered. They’ll entertain you, keep your mind sharp, and take you thoughts off the pandemic now sweeping the globe.

Remember — we’re all in this together so hunker down and make the best of it with these 4 great Cloudeight site picks. 

Visit the Best of Solitaire website here

Visit the Best of Mahjong website here.

Visit the Best of Soduku website here.

Visit the Best of Crossword here.

We hope you enjoy the games and puzzles on these sites as much as we did! And if you do enjoy them, don’t forget to share them with your family and friends. 

Be well and stay safe!

4 thoughts on “4 Amazing Game and Puzzle Sites You’ll Love

  1. Sue Cooper

    The Microsoft Solitaire Collection is free. I play it every morning. It has Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, Pyramid and TriPeaks. There are daily challenges and individual solitaires. There are also free word, sudoku, bingo other games on the same site.

  2. Sharon

    I’m loving the solitaire and mahjong games. How do I put a shortcut on my desktop? I’ve tried but always get the message that page is not available. Thanks!

  3. Connie Tyler

    TY for the game sites. My very favorite is https://greenfelt.net/ This site has all kinds of games and is beautifully laid out. Being a somewhat lazy person, I like the fact that all you have to do is click on a card to move it instead of having to do it manually.

  4. Shae Ritchie

    Hello! Hope you and yours are all well and managing okay during the lock down.

    Getting a pop up that jams everything up! I am unable to delete. It says: “Oops, something went wrong. Recent changes may not have saved.” “OK”

    This appears to be a genuine email from my spouse from Bell Samsung device. It gives me options at the bottom to “Reply or forward.” They do not work.

    Below the words: “Sent from my Bell Samsung device over … network.” I see four blind photo squares that were sent by family. I have seen the photos and this email at an earlier time.

    We have spent hours trying to delete this jamming pop up off my iPad, Samsung cell phone and desktop computers. It continues to pop up.

    I am hoping this is something quite simple and obvious to you that we just don’t get so that I can get my devices to work again.

    In the meantime … stay well and keep your spirits up!

    Best wishes,



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