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After weeks of testing many free and commercial anti-malware programs, and after communicating back and forth with Emsisoft, we’re very pleased to tell you that our number pick for anti-malware protection and detection is Emsisoft Anti-Malware… and we have no doubt at all about our decision. We know it’s the right one for you and for us. We’ve… Read More »

Bing it on

We’ll we finally took the Bing it On challenge. And unlike the people on the TV commercial, we both choose Google over Bing. Bing has done a really good job of copying Google, but the search results were a little weaker and not ordered the same. So we prefer Google. Your results may vary. We like you to… Read More »

The madness over the term malware and the ongoing saga of Malwarebytes

There seems to be a general belief that the term malware, means malicious software, but that is not true. The prefix “mal” is not an abbreviation for malicious, it is a prefix meaning bad. There are a lot of words beginning with this prefix: malcontent, maladjusted, malevolent, malfunction. So when we use the term malware we mean, literally… Read More »

Come on! Be a Power Searcher

Searching with Google or any other search engine can be a mighty frustrating experience if you use vague search queries or don’t know a few of the secrets of power searching. Power searching is not limited to geeks, you know. Every one of us uses search engines almost every day. And why not? The answer to any question… Read More »

How many calories in an apple?

EB and TC are getting up in the years now, and we’re becoming more health conscious as we’d like to live to see issue #1000 of InfoAve Premium. Well we know it’s iffy, but not because of the fat blubbering out from our bellies, but it’s the uncertainty of the business situation, for which there is no diet.… Read More »