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Announcing our brand new 2017 Cloudeight InfoAve Premium Volume 14 E-book

Announcing our brand new 2017 Cloudeight InfoAve Premium Volume 14 E-book We’re excited to announce that our new 2017 Cloudeight InfoAve Premium Volume 14 E-Book is available now! Our Cloudeight InfoAve Premium E-book Volume 14 includes all the content from every issue of Cloudeight InfoAve Premium from the past year! Our Cloudeight InfoAve Volume 14 E-book contains: Hundreds… Read More »

Another Global Ransomware Attack is Under Way

The following article was written by and is provided courtesy of our friends at Emsisoft. We thought you’d be interested to know that another ransomware attack has been launched worldwide. Those of you who are using Emsisoft are protected from this and other virulent ransomware and malware. Here’s the article from Emsisoft… so you’ll be in the know!… Read More »

Emsisoft’s New Anti-Ransomware Feature

Emsisoft’s New Anti-Ransomware Feature The latest WannaCry ransomware outbreak raised a lot of eyebrows as it wreaked havoc around the world, causing the shutdown of some hospitals in the U.K. and several large companies to suspend operations for 24 hours or longer. It has been a fact, in the past, that if your device were infected with ransomware,… Read More »

Emsisoft Protects You From the WCry Ransomware Pandemic

Emsisoft Protects You From the Current WCry Ransomware Pandemic The WCry or WannaCry ransomware is wreaking havoc on tens of thousands of computers around the world including the giant Spanish telecom Telefonica and the National Health Service in the United Kingdom. WCry is also known as WNCry, WannaCry, WanaCrypt0r or Wana Decrypt0r. It was found in early February 2017.… Read More »

[SHOCKING!] The Internet Is Horrible

[SHOCKING!] The Internet Is Horrible Are you like me? Do you hate these kinds of National-Enquirer-style [SHOCKING] headlines? Or do you like sensationalistic headlines that draw you in and make you click something, only to find the article filled with things you already know? It’s not [SHOCKING] to learn that the Internet is getting worse, is it? And… Read More »