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By | April 5, 2011
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Make wall-size posters from your digital photos - free!Almost everyone has a digital camera these days (except TC who still has a Polaroid – but can’t find film for it). And if you don’t have one now, you’ll be getting one soon because the old film cameras are going the way of the of Eight-track cassette players (remember those?). There’s a good chance within the next five years you won’t be able to buy film for your film camera unless you order it online. And there’s an equally good chance you won’t be able to run down to your local Walgreen’s and have your film developed. You’ll probably have to ship it off somewhere and wait.

Digital cameras keep getting better and better and less and less expensive. And unlike your old film camera you don’t have to worry about wasted shots. You’re not paying by the picture anymore. You can take dozens of pictures even junky ones and laugh with glee!

But most of you do have digital cameras, so we thought we’d give you something new you can do with all those digital photos you have. How about creating a huge poster with your best photos? We’re talking 4 feet by 3 feet (approx.) images, that you can put on your wall and even frame, assuming you want to spend the time to secure your image slices to a mounting board and buy a frame.

Our freeware pick today is an online application (cloud-based) which requires no registration. You don’t have to enter a name or email address. You simply visit the site, upload your image and follow the 1 – 2 -3 simple steps. In less than 5 second you’ll get a link to download a printable PDF file which you can print on your printer. If you want to see what the PDF file looks like that you’ll get back, we uploaded one of our own digital images and put it through the blockposters application. You can download it here. What you’ll be downloading is a PDF file (approximately 800KB ).

How it works: When you upload your digital image, blockposters will break the image down into sections and tile them so the image is seamless. You simply print out all the “pages” of your image and reassemble them. This produces a giant wall-size poster you can display proudly – and it’s free. Don’t expect every image to produce gallery-quality images. The smaller the picture you upload the more pixilated it will be. Normally this is not a good thing, but sometimes it can produce some very nice effects – for instance looking more like a painting than a photograph. You’ll need to experiment to get the look you want – but it really all depends on the image you upload. You’re limited to a maximum size of 1 megabyte – which shouldn’t be a huge problem. If your picture is too big use an image editor to resize it smaller.

If you want to see what others have done with blockposters, be sure to visit the blockposters’ image gallery. All images in the gallery are actual posters created from digital images by blockposters users.

If you want to turn your favorite digital photos into poster-sized images you’ll love our freeware pick today. There is nothing to download and you don’t have to signup for anything. And, of course, it’s 100% free and 100% safe. Give blockposters a try. You just might amaze yourself and your friends and family too.

The scoop:

What is it? A cloud-based application that lets you make wall-size posters from your digital images
For all computer users: Windows, Mac, Linux
Cloud-based application – requires no download

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