End-of-Life Dates for Windows 10 Versions

By | May 22, 2017
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End-of-Life Dates for Windows 10 Versions

We have received quite a few emails from people asking us why they should upgrade to Windows 10 Creators Update (Version 1703). Some want to know what’s so great about it?

We think the Creators Update is the best Windows 10 so far, but that’s our opinion and not a reason why you should update to version 1703 (Creators Update). The reason why you should update to Creators Update is the same reason why you should always keep Windows updated. Each version of Windows 10, has its own End-of-Life Date. If you use that version of Windows beyond its End-of-Life Date, you’ll no longer get security updates. And that’s not a situation in which you’ll want to find yourself.

But not to worry – those of you who are using the Anniversary Update (Version 1607) still have plenty of time to upgrade.

Untangling the Vines of Microsoft Verbiage

Here’s what we know so far about End-of-Life Dates for all the Windows 10 versions that have been released so far. All dates are approximate except for Windows 10 Version 1507 for which the End-of-Life Date was May 9, 2017:

Windows 10 Version 1507 (original version) 5/09/2017
Widnows 10 Version 1511 “November Update” September 2017
Windows 10 Version 1607 “Anniversary Update” March 2018
Windows 10 Version 1703 “Creators Update” September 2018

In a confusing tangle of verbiage, Microsoft tries to explain its rationale for its Windows 10 End-of-Life dates. According to Microsoft, it will only support two Windows 10 versions at a time. When a 3rd “feature” update is released (like Creators Update) Microsoft will continue to provide support for only its two most recent versions (right now that would be Version 1607 Anniversary Update and Version 1703 Creators Update). Support for Version 1511 (AKA November Update) will end in September 2017.

The exact date of any version’s End-of-Life Date, isn’t really the point. The point we’re making is this: In order to continue to receive security updates from Microsoft, you’re going to have to upgrade your version of Windows 10 prior to its End-of-Life Date or you won’t receive any further security updates – a situation most of you won’t want to be in.

Right now, we estimate that 90% of you are using either the Anniversary Update (Version 1607) or the Creators Update (Version 1703). For those of you reluctant to update to the Creators Update (Version 1703) you still have plenty of time before the Anniversary Update (version 1607) reaches its End-of-Life Date. We just want you to know that eventually you will have update or risk using an unsupported version of Windows.

15 thoughts on “End-of-Life Dates for Windows 10 Versions

  1. Sue

    I still haven’t received 1703. Is there a date when Microsoft says they will have sent it to everyone?

    1. infoave Post author

      1703 is still rolling out. One of our computers has still not updated, but all the others have. Microsoft has to dole it out slowly to reduce the strain on its servers. If you don’t want to wait you can get it here.

  2. Frances Axe

    I don’t know if I’m up to date. How do I check this ? If I’m not how do I update it

  3. Arnie Brown

    How do I know what version I have? …..I’ve looked for a model date and can’t find any information that helps. ….Also how do I know if I am up to date with the notices Microsoft puts out? Please give some of us OLDER folks just a little help, and maybe even some folks who aren’t “just a bit older”.
    Arnie Brown.

  4. Mary Lee

    Oh, sorry, TC. I was typing my answer while you were typing yours. At least, that’s how I did it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  5. Dawn Campbell

    Grabbed my own download for the latest version. It took quite a while but I am up to date. Thanks for all the info regarding this version.

  6. uwe adric

    I currently use windows 7 which I like. How long will windows 7 be supported?
    When windows 7 is no longer supported I will be switching to Mac.
    I won’t be using windows 10 since I understand that it does not value privacy. Also, I didn’t like the way users were slammed with windows 10 whether they wanted it or not.
    Uwe Adric

    1. infoave Post author

      Hi Uwe. Windows 7 is supported until January 2020. It’s funny you mention privacy,

      Which offers more privacy? Windows or Apple or Google? It depends on who you ask, but moving to a Mac isn’t going to enhance your privacy much, if at all. In fact, some claim Windows 10 Creators Update gives users a lot more control. Windows has taken a lot of heat about its Cortana feature and user privacy, but Apple’s been doing the same thing for a lot longer.

      Do your homework. Apple fans will tell you Microsoft is the devil in disguise; Windows fans, the opposite. But sites who don’t favor either Apple or Windows pretty much call it a draw.

      The cost of “free” or “cheap” has always been and, I’m sure, will always be — your data and your privacy.

      Move to Mac if you like the operating system better than Windows. But don’t move to Mac because you think Apple will not collect any data. Apple has been collecting data from Apple users for a long time. Moving to Mac just because someone told you or you read somewhere that Windows 10 collects too much data is not a very good reason to move to Mac.

      Instead, do your own research and weed out the Apple lovers’ sites and the Microsoft haters’ sites. Look for documented articles, written by professionals – articles filled with facts and truth… not opinion. Here’s an article entitled- “Windows 10’s privacy policy is the new normal“. The article is fair, well-written, and well-researched. However, keep in mind that the article was written in 2015 – the intro year for Windows 10. Windows 10 is now in its 4th iteration and has been giving users more and more control of their privacy, with the latest version (Creators Update v 1703) giving users the most control over their privacy.

      Apple also pushes their new updates on Mac Users via automatic updates. Do your own research Uwe. There’a are a lot of Microsoft bashers, and a lot of Apple fanatics. You need to get your information from somewhere in between. But Windows 7 users (obviously since you’re still using Windows 7) were strongly encouraged to update, but there were many ways to avoid updating. There were at least a half-dozen free programs that were aimed at helping users avoid the update.

  7. Terrence Decker

    Some Dell computers won’t offer install for creaters update because drivers aren’t updated. Dell seems to be dragging their behinds in it’s driver updates.That’s one way to sell new computers.

    1. infoave Post author

      Have not seen anything official from Dell. Some forums have people saying Creators Update broke their wi-fi network drivers, but the same is being said by a few using Lenovo. I have seen no official word from Dell and some of the info I’ve seen has been on forums that are not particularly credible. I highly doubt that not having a Wi-Fi adapter driver would induce someone to spend $400 or more on a new computer when you can can a Windows 10 Version 1703 compatible gigabit USB Wi-Fi adapter for less than $25.

  8. Sandy Euglow

    I got the download of Creators 1703 and since then, I cannot use my Printmaster program and I have a hard time opening up my Microsoft word 2016. Is there a fix for these problems?


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