Freeware Picks – 3/08/2011

By | March 8, 2011
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Multiple Freeware Picks
What are they? Password Generators
What operating systems? Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

OK folks. We’re determined to keep you safe. And we’re going to keep harping on this until you all listen to us:

This is the age of the cloud. You cannot use the same password for everything anymore.
This is the age of the cloud. You cannot use the same password for everything anymore.
This is the age of the cloud. You cannot use the same password for everything anymore.
This is the age of the cloud. You cannot use the same password for everything anymore.
This is the age of the cloud. You cannot use the same password for everything anymore.

That’s five times. Keep reminding yourself of that. And the next time you sign-up for a cloud-based application or a membership site, or Facelessbook or any thing you have to enter a password and username to use, don’t use 12345 or David61 or mollyispretty, or your birthday or your phone number as your password. And, remember: This is the age of the cloud. You cannot use the same password for everything anymore.

It’s time to get serious about passwords. Honestly, if you don’t get serious about your safety and privacy in the cloud, someone else will and you won’t be a happy camper. Identity theft and cyber-crime are major problems now; just wait until the cloud gets cookin’. Security starts with you. Actually it starts with “s” but it should start with you. You’re the one who’s using the same password for everything. You know you are. It’s easy to remember, you don’t have to write it down, and you can login quickly and easily. Oh, that’s right, you’re the one who using Internet Explorer to save that password you use for every site – so you don’t even have to type in mary051852 in every time. That’s even worse you know. If you use your browser to store you passwords guess who else can use your passwords? That’s right! Anyone who uses your computer. Including your children and grandchildren. Do you want them to know how much you don’t have in the bank? That you’re living on cash advances from those 16 credit card accounts you’re juggling and accessing them all with the same password?

Yes, it’s high time to get a password generator or use one of the Web-based ones that abound. A simple password generator can generate unlimited random passwords for you, save them to a text file, where you can keep them safe somewhere. Maybe you’d want to type in next to each one what they are for. This isn’t the best case scenario, but it’s better than using william40851 as your password. At least only you’ll know where the file is stored and where to look when you need it. Oh, yes, don’t store this file in My Documents or on your desktop, OK?

A simple, free, password generator and more, from PC Tools – PC Tools Password Utilities

The PC Tools Password Utilities includes useful features to make creating and managing passwords much simpler. Included are three main features:

  • Password Generator – is an offline version of the web-based Password Generator which allows you to securely and easily create passwords locally on your own PC.
  • Password Checker – a new feature that lets you check the quality and strength of a password. By entering your password in the checker it will run a series of tests on the password to indicate how strong it is, and therefore how easy it may be to guess or crack.
  • Password Revealer – works with Internet Explorer to reveal saved password that you have entered in web-forms but may have subsequently forgotten or lost. Simply bring up the hidden password in Internet Explorer, highlight it, and Password Revealer will tell you the saved password.”

Download Password Utilities for Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows 7. 363KB

A simple, free, online strong password generator

Nothing to download, just a page to bookmark or add to your favorites. Whenever you need to generate a password, just visit this page. Can’t make it any simpler. Click here to generate strong, muscular passwords to replace your scrawny, weak ones, before the cyber-bullies kick sand in your face and dip into your cookie jar.


LastPass is a password manager that includes a password generator. LastPass is free and it is also good. It can generate very strong passwords for you – and it can remember them for you too. It’s sure worth a look! You can get more information about Lastpass here.

One thought on “Freeware Picks – 3/08/2011

  1. Muriel

    Thank you for providing these resources regarding passwords.
    I’ve relied on Roboform since the first time you mentioned it…I bought the Pro version. I can’t imagine ever going back to the hit-or-miss way I used to handle passwords. I agree with you that we need to pay more attention now than ever before.
    It has become crucial that if you don’t use Roboform or something just as good, then it’s even more important for a person to utilize the password sites you’ve provided for us here.

    How do these compare to Roboform’s password generator? (I did not upgrade to Version 7…yet… because I don’t have the money to purchase it a 2nd time and the addition of an annual fee.)

    Roboform measures the strength of their password’s too….at least that’s what I remember “bit strength” to mean. You can also increase/decrease the “bit strength” by adjusting the number of characters for your password.



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