Get Rid of Annoying “This Website Uses Cookies” Popups

By | August 3, 2018
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Get Rid of Annoying “This Website Uses Cookies” Popups

Now you can tell sites, “I don’t care about your goofy cookies! I’m sick to death of hearing about them! Stop it! I tells ya!”

You don’t have to take it anymore. There are browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Pale Moon (a Firefox derivative) and Opera, that blocks those annoying popups that you see everywhere (but not on our site!) that say “This site uses cookies”.

You can download the “I don’t care about cookies” extension:

For Chrome, from here;

for Firefox, from here;

for Pale Moon, from here;

and for Opera, from here

According Daniel Kludnik, creator of the extensions for Chrome, Pale Moon, and Opera:

“Remove annoying cookie warnings from almost all ‘infected’ websites!

The EU regulations require that any website using cookies must get user’s permission before installing them. Imagine how irritating that becomes when you surf anonymously or if you delete cookies automatically every time you close the browser…”

Just install the extension and almost all those silly “this site uses cookies” popups will be banished forever.

Hey, EB, I have an idea. How about we put a popup on our site that says “This site bakes cookies!” Or “TC eats cookies”?

7 thoughts on “Get Rid of Annoying “This Website Uses Cookies” Popups

  1. P. R.

    THANK YOU!! This annoying pop-up has been driving me crazy. It was up/on/there every time I wan on line.
    Really appreciate that you take tell us about the small annoyances as well as the BIG ones.

  2. Kathy

    I am suspicious of any foreign country apps when it comes to snooping.
    Not that apps from U.S.A. are much more trustworthy.
    This one comes from Croatia & if you check apps supposed to protect cell phones from garbage calls, they too are from Croatia, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, etc.
    Would love to see some input from you regarding safety of apps from foreign countries.
    How are they tested for safety? Are such tests made by reliable sources? Why so many apps from foreign countries?

    1. infoave Post author

      I don’t think that assuming software made in the USA is safer than software made in Europe, Eastern Europe or anywhere else in the world doesn’t make any sense. You cannot assume people in the USA are more honest & trustworthy than other countries. We can name a lot of companies that are U.S. companies that are devious. SmileyCentral, and its progeny, are among the largest distributors of malware and PUPs in the world. C\Net a CBS (U.S. company) were (maybe still are) one of the biggest bundlers of good software with 3rd-party PUPs/Malware).

      If you judge software based on the country in which its developer resides you’re going to miss out on a lot of good software. For instance Emsisoft – one of the best security programs in the world is based in New Zealand. Ashampoo (a highly respected software company) is based in Germany. A lot of great software is made in countries other than the USA.

      It is not wise to assume that every software program made in other countries is somehow spying on you. Apple, Google, Verizon (AOL,Yahoo) and Microsoft are notorious for spying on their users, but they are all very much U.S. companies.

      You do not have to download this extension to block “This site uses cookies” pop-up. That popup is not dangerous – it’s just an annoyance you can live with. If you want, you can search and try to find one that is made in the USA (good luck with that). Or you can trust us … and trust that we check things out pretty well and test them very well before recommending them and go ahead and download the extension.

    1. infoave Post author

      I am not sure what your question has to with the extension in the article… maybe you can clarify?

  3. Pat

    Can they not be blocked on Internet Explorer? I’ve had them pop up on increasingly more sites and they make me nervous ……… where’s that dang Xanax?

    1. infoave Post author

      Internet Explorer is very outdated. You can search for an extension for IE though. I don’t know if there’s one or not.


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