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Have You Been FLoCed?

    Have You Been FLoCed? Today we’re featuring an interesting and informative article from the Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF) detailing a new Google Chrome technology to assist advertisers in tracking users. Rather than cookies, which are on their way out, Google is experimenting with something called FLoC to replace tracking cookies and provide a new way for… Read More »

Get Rid of Annoying “This Website Uses Cookies” Popups

Get Rid of Annoying “This Website Uses Cookies” Popups Now you can tell sites, “I don’t care about your goofy cookies! I’m sick to death of hearing about them! Stop it! I tells ya!” You don’t have to take it anymore. There are browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Pale Moon (a Firefox derivative) and Opera, that blocks those… Read More »

Tracking cookies ravage Grand Rapids

We borrowed a trick from another newsletter: an attention grabbing headline. Actually this is not about Grand Rapids, it’s about you and tracking cookies. Tracking cookies is an ominous sounding name for a rather innocuous text file. Cookies are text files. Tracking cookies are text files. What’s the difference? If you listen to anti-spyware companies or paranoia-obsessed netizens,… Read More »

Cookie facts

Few things stir up heated and spirited debates more than Web cookies. Anti-spyware sites like to hammer cookies because, well because, it gives them something to hammer on. But, are cookies really in the same league with spyware, adware, malware and hijackers? Hardly. They don’t contain any mechanism to download software on your computer, they don’t contain hidden… Read More »

Cookies – not the kind you eat

Charlie thinks we take cookies too lightly I’ve read your opinion about cookies and I think you don’t realize their danger. My security program often warns me of threats and many of them are tracking cookies. I think you’d do your readers a better service by showing a little more concern about cookies. They’re not as harmless as… Read More »