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New Critical Security Bug in Chrome – Update Now 

    New Critical Security Bug in Chrome – Update Now  Google has issued a security warning for all users of its Chrome web browser. A new update for Chrome — version 81.0.4044.113 — is rolling out for Windows, Android, and Linux devices. According to Google’s Chrome Releases Blog: “…Security Fixes and Rewards Note: Access to bug details… Read More »

Password Checkup by Google

    Password Checkup by Google Most of the time, the only thing that protects you personal information and online accounts are your passwords. Yet 67% of people admit to using the same password for more than one account and over 40% of people use simple passwords like pet names, birthdates, or even using the word “password” as… Read More »

Privacy Badger: Your Badger of Privacy

    Privacy Badger: The Badger of Privacy We think “Do Not Track” browser features and browser add-ons are worthless – they assume that everything and everyone is tracking you for evil purposes and thus they block everything regardless of who or what it is, who it is, even it may be beneficial. Yes, indeed, we tells ya…… Read More »