Just Walk Away Renee…

By | March 21, 2018
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Just Walk Away Renee…

Now that we have your attention we’d like to tell you something we’ve found that causes a lot of problems after a normal (not version) Windows update. This week, both of us installed the latest Windows Update and we both had similar problems. Or more concisely – what we thought were problems.

After the KB4088776 (OS Build 16299.309) update, one of our computers had a black screen and the other had a black screen with white box that said “Personalized settings (not responding)”.  Searching for solutions to these “problems” yields thousands of helpful tips including deleting registry keys.

What we’re going to suggest is the first thing you should do, because what we’re going to suggest doesn’t require any registry editing, registry hacks, convoluted settings changes, multiple reboots, or anything like that… it only requires that you just walk away for 5 or 10 minutes. We know it’s logical to want to do something if you see a black screen or “Personalized settings (not responding)”. You want to fix it. Somethings not right, and you want to make it right. But we’re telling you, from our experience, the first thing you need to do is walk away and give it time.  The last thing you should do is get impatient, start rebooting over and over, or look for some sort of answer to a problem that may be solved just by being patient.

It has worked for us many times, and it may work for you. And anyway, it doesn’t require you to do anything other than be patient. Whether it takes 5 minutes or 10 minutes or 15 minutes, give the problem time to resolve itself before looking for solutions and fixes.

The next time you have a Windows cumulative update and your desktop doesn’t come right back after the update, be patient. Just walk away… and come back in 5 or 10 minute and we’re going to bet you that everything will be back to normal.  And if it isn’t, you can go looking for fixes and solutions.

8 thoughts on “Just Walk Away Renee…

  1. Robert Fricks

    Thanks for the confirmation guys because this has happened every time I’ve done a Windows10 update and I have done just as you said and leave it be for a few minutes and eventually the home screen appears. After the first time I just figured it happened to everyone. Thanks again.

  2. Anne Stewart

    One of the latest lot of Update’s caused complete a loss of sound , a system restore gave sound back to my computer…
    I have to agree with your advice, I have done just that, walked away when I have been faced with a blue, and / or black, screen, and yes, left alone my settings did eventually all return. ..
    It’s extremely unnerving and Microsoft’s cowboy geeks are doing their consumers no favors with all this unbelievable rubbish they call ‘necessary’ updates, sorry but they are not doing their homework at all…

  3. Donna

    I lost apps with the update one being my Word 2010 and due to the fact that I can not find my key it will not allow me to activate it. I contacted Microsoft and they seemed to have no record of my purchase how convenient for them. I am not going to purchase their new program, shady people, I had chapters of a book I am working on that had not been saved to external yet gone.!!!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 More lessons learned am still trying to get all of my items back ugh, I hope everyone has a splendid day and walks away. Great advice as usual you are the best thanks again. B~)

    1. infoave Post author

      The disappearance of Word would not delete your chapters. They’re still on your PC. You can open Word documents with a number of other Office substitutes – one of most popular is Open Office. Anything you created with Word and saved on your computer will still be there, even if Word is not. You can even open Word documents with Google Drive or WordPad. Many of the key finders available like reCALL or ProduKey from Nirsoft will be able to retrieve your MS Word key (MS OFFICE KEY) from your registry. MS Office 2010 keys are fully retrievable. Windows 2013 & 2016 keys are not (only the last 5 characters).

  4. Francis Flaherty

    Yes, my black screen stated that the Background Intelligent Transfer Service had been turned off–it’s switched to ‘manual’, but nothing happened until I rebooted a couple hours later. Is it necessary for BITS to be turned on to get updates? I thought that perhaps the tweaks in Reg Organizer had changed the setting, but I didn’t find it listed as being one of the tweaks, though, interestingly, I did find the ‘Copy to Move to’ for the right-click context menu had been shut off as one of their tweaks, which may answer some of your readers’ questions about what happened to their ‘Copy to Move to’ function.
    It doesn’t matter how I configure the update process; I will never be happy with this forced update system that does not work as well as what they had in Win 7. I hate coming back to my computer and finding a black screen when I wasn’t even aware that they were updating. I swear that I had clicked the option for wanting to be notified when an update is coming, but it was turned off. Is that another thing that gets changed with certain updates?

    1. infoave Post author

      We work with thousands of people and we worked over the years with many many Windows 7 users. Windows 7 update was the most flawed of all. It would simply stop working leaving users without critical updates.

      Our article was not a “fix” – it was a suggestion before people fly off and try the many “fixes” they’re sure to find it they search – many of them not safe or won’t work. Many problems are caused by impatience and by using fixes found on the Web that only make the problems worse.

      We have included a registry file (downloadable) numerous times on this site to put Copy to Move to back on the right-click Menu.

      See here.
      See here.
      See here.

      BITS is most commonly used by Windows to download updates to your local system. It’s not new and it’s not exclusive to Windows 10. It was in Windows 7 (it goes all the way back to Windows 10). BITS is necessary for Windows Update to run properly.

      You can try this… It will find and repair corrupted/missing Windows System Files.

      Microsoft makes Windows Updates mandatory in Windows 10 Home edition. The Professional editions give you the option to delay updates, but not to avoid them. It’s essential that people use the most updated version of the operating system to prevent serious breaches and attacks. Vulnerabilities will always be a problem with any operating system and patching them before they become a problem is essential.

  5. Judy G

    The “black screen” happened on my PC and after almost an hour, I unplugged the power and plugged back in after 10 minutes and it is working fine. I checked the WINVER and the OS Build is the same as you mention above.
    My laptop has the same WINVER and OS Build and I didn’t have any problem with that. Both machines are newer Dells.
    Thank you for being on top of these issues. I rely on Cloudeight and enjoy both the weekly and daily newsletters. Love Cloudeight!


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