Clean Boots

Susan wants to know how all about clean boots Can you please explain what a clean boot is and why someone would want to do a clean boot? One of my friends is reading a bunch of computer books and she was trying to explain to me about doing a clean boot but she wasn’t making any sense.… Read More »

All about social media

Social Media is a euphemism for interactive Websites where anti-social people can socialize anonymously. Social Media are sites like Twitter and Facebook where people don’t have to bathe to have coffee and crumpets together. You can sit in your undies, unwashed, and still have more friends than you can count. Don’t worry. Facebook and Twitter have counters who… Read More »

Another great free office program

Yes. It says SoftMaker Office 2008. You’re thinking “Hey dude and dudette, this think is like a brontosaur – it’s three years old!” Yeah, we know it’s 2011. We have calendars. If this were a wine magazine and we were writing about Chateau Bordeaux, vintage 2008, you’d be hollering at us because it’s not old enough. So you’re… Read More »

Play and record songs from Internet Radio with this Cloudeight freeware pick

We once featured Pandora and boy were we sorry and embarrassed. We were ostracized by people who live in countries other than the USA. We are so ethnocentric that we sometimes forget that there’s a world beyond the McDonald’s, Walmarts, Burger Kings, Chik-Fil-As, golf courses, unemployment lines and shuttered warehouses and factories – all those ubiquitous icons of… Read More »