The Twilight Time

Some nights I have trouble drifting into sleep. I have so much on my mind: The events of the day, swirling; troubles bubbling up, worries weighing heavily, all stirred together into a dark disturbing dissonance. Most nights, however, when the convergence of daily troubles and worries from days and weeks and months before, becomes dim and ephemeral —… Read More »

Changing Anti-virus Programs

We continue to recommend Microsoft Security Essentials and we continue to use it on all own computers. Avast has gone Norton. AVG has gone Norton. AntiVir is a good free antivirus but its nag-screen is annoying. There is no proof anywhere that paying for an antivirus provides you with better protection — but we have ample proof that… Read More »


They’re actually quite beautiful really, dandelions. Their bright yellow flowers signal the greening of the world and spring. Most people consider dandelions an ugly weed, but they are quite lovely. They are symbols of rebirth and of childhood. The first flower I picked for my mom was a dandelion; I picked five or six and she put them… Read More »