Eleven great Windows tips you can use every day

These tips work for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Change computer time: Right mouse click on the clock in your system tray (lower far right) or right click in system tray and choose “adjust date and time”. To save a picture/image from a web page, right mouse click and choose “Save Picture As”. You can rename… Read More »

Tips to help you search like a pro!

I was just thinking how funny the title of this article is. Are there really professional searchers? Really? Are there people who do nothing but search the Web all day? I bet there are. And if you know a company that needs someone to sit around and search the Web all day, and will pay me well for… Read More »

Windows 7: Adding a library

If you’ve been running Windows 7 for any length of time, you probably have already learned that your Libraries folder is easily accessed. If you’re in Windows Explorer/Computer, Libraries show up in the left pane. By default, there are 4 folders in your Library: Documents, Pictures, Music and Video. These are really handy for storing files you access… Read More »

An extra – and important – layer of protection for your computer – Cloudeight Freeware Pick

Despite its colloquial name, and regardless of the fact you probably think you’re already being inundated with anti-this’s and anti-that’s – anti Em? anti Em? Now you’re rolling your eyes at us and wondering how much longer before we slip into complete insanity and utter unintelligibility – debating whether you even want to read anymore of this article. Hold on,… Read More »

WOW 64 – What the heck is it?

John G. asks, “What is WOW64” When I checked my browser user agent strings on your page athttp://thundercloud.net/start/user-agent.htm . I found something called WOW64? What is WOW64. Is it spyware? Hope you can help me. John G. Our Answer WOW64 stands for Windows On Windows. It’s a 32 bit emulator that runs on Windows 64bit operating systems so… Read More »