Maybe Google should Duck?

So your eyeballs are focused on the duck below. What duck? Get a bigger monitor! Get those eyeballs back up here. I have a story to tell you. Don’t worry, it’s short. I promise! Once upon a time there was a little girl named EB. She looked an awfully lot like ET. When I first saw her in… Read More »

Just A Moment

When we say “just a moment” do we ever consider what a moment really is? We say “just a moment” without thinking of what moments mean in our lives. Does a moment reflect a certain amount of time? Does a moment in time mean something different to each one of us? Is a moment a measurement of time… Read More »

Our Top Ten Security Tips

There are literally dozens of things you can do to maintain the integrity of your computer and your personal information when you’re online. We’ve chosen our top ten tips for more security while online and here they are – just for you: ALWAYS make sure you use an Anti-Virus program and keep it up-to-date. ALWAYS make sure to… Read More »

Access hidden wallpaper in Windows 7

When you first install Windows 7, it asks for your language, time and currency. If you choose United States, for example, the available desktop backgrounds and themes will include a United States section with scenery from U.S. locations. Did you know there are many hidden background and themes from other English-speaking countries, like Australia, Great Britain, New Zealand,… Read More »