Some Nifty Keyboard Shortcuts for Chrome [and other browsers too]

By | November 6, 2017
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Some Nifty Keyboard Shortcuts for Chrome [and other browsers too]

Reopen Closed Tab

Close a tab you didn’t mean to? Just use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift +T and the tab you closed comes back to life. This works on Firefox, Opera & Edge too. What if you want to go back through more closed tabs? Just press Ctrl+Shift+T consecutively.

Close a Tab

Want to close the tab you’re viewing but don’t want to mess around with your scroll wheel & mouse? If you’re feeling lazy and messing with the mouse is too much of a hassle, you can close the tab your currently viewing by using the shortcut Ctrl+w. This shortcut also works in Firefox, Opera and Edge.

Zoom In, Zoom Out and Zoom Back to Normal

You can zoom in on any web pabe by using Ctrl + (Hold down the Ctrl key and press the + (plus) key). The more taps on the plus key while holding down Ctrl, the more you’ll zoom in on the page. Pressing Ctrl plus the – (minus) key will zoom out. And if you want to bring the page contents back to normal size, just press Ctrl+0 (zero). And my friends, this works in Firefox, Opera and Edge as well.

Jump Straight to a Tab

Let’s say you have six tabs open and you want to jump to the 3rd tab (counting from the left). Just press Ctrl + plus the tab number (1 though 8) to jump to the tab you want. To jump to a tab press Ctrl + Number (1 through 8) to jump to the tab you choose. Remember, tabs are numbered from left to right. This works on Edge, Firefox and Opera as well as Chrome. Want one more? Ctrl+9 will immediately opens your last closed tab.

Shift to Scroll

If you’re reading a long page of information, scrolling down with the mouse wheel gets a bit tedious. Another way to scroll down the page is by using the space bar. To move down the page, just press the Space bar. To scroll up, hold down the Shift key and press the Space bar. This works in Firefox, Opera, and Edge too!

Open Bookmarks Manager

It’s a common knowledge that Ctrl+D adds a bookmark (all browsers), but what if you wanted to view the whole library of bookmarks? A simple press on Ctrl+Shift+O opens up the bookmark manager quite seamlessly. Ctrl+Shift+0 works only in Chrome.

Delete Browsing History & Data

Here’s a keyboard shortcut that makes it easy to delete your browsing history and data. Just press Ctrl + Shift + Delete. After you press Ctrl + Shift + Delete you’ll have the opportunity to select what you want to delete. This tip also works in Firefox, Edge and Opera.

Jump to Downloads

Press Ctrl+J to jump to the downloads folder. This tip works Edge, Firefox, Opera too.

Call it Quits

If you want to close Chrome, you don’t have to click the X in the top-right corner. Just press Ctrl+Shift+Q to quit Chrome.



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