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CCleaner & Avast Still Playing Games With Users

CCleaner & Avast Still Playing Games With Users For a long time now, we’ve been warning our readers to steer clear of Avast. Avast seems to want to play games  with user settings, install unwanted extra software, and continually prod user to update to the paid version of the software – sometimes even resorting to popups.  CCleaner was… Read More »

Help Us Keep Helping You: Our Summer 2018 Donation Drive Ends Soon

Help Us During our Summer 2018 Donation Drive When you support us with small gift, you help us continue our mission to keep you informed, separate the truth from the hyperbole, and help you stay safer online. Plus, our computer tips make your computer easier to use. Did you know that we provide support to thousands of people? Every week… Read More »

Watching Out For You

Watching Out For You We’ve been on the Web since 1998. And we’ve seen it all. From the fantasyland the web used to be when only a few people knew about it, until now when the world could not function without it We have seen high times and low times and times everywhere in between. And we are… Read More »