Having Trouble Installing Apps and Programs? Try This…

By | August 10, 2021
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Having Trouble Installing Apps and Programs? Try This…

Can't install apps and programs on Windows 10 - Cloudeight InfoAve

Recently, we’ve been getting quite a few emails from folks who are having trouble installing apps/programs on their Windows 10 computers. After investigating, we found that in most cases, they had their computers set up to only install software from the Microsoft Store.

While that may be how Microsoft would like you to set up your computer, it’s too restrictive. The Microsoft Store does not have a great selection of non-Microsoft apps. For instance, as of today, you can’t install Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox if your computer is set up to only install apps from the Microsoft Store. There are thousands of great software programs and apps that are not in the Microsoft store.

If you’re having trouble installing programs and apps on your Windows 10 computer, make sure your PC is not set up to only get apps/programs from the Microsoft Store.

1.) Type Apps & Features in taskbar search and press Enter.

2.) When Apps & Features opens, look under “Choose where to get apps”. “Installing apps only from the Microsoft store helps protect your device”, and make sure it says “Anywhere”. If it does not, click on the small down-arrow and choose “Anywhere” from the drop-down menu.

See the screenshots below:

Installing software from

Installing software from

Make sure you restart your computer after you make this change.

If you find your Windows 10 PC will not allow you to make this change, check out our article on Windows 10 “S” Mode.

After you restart your computer, you won’t get restricted to installing only apps/programs from the Microsoft Store.

3 thoughts on “Having Trouble Installing Apps and Programs? Try This…

  1. Cathy

    How can I open rar files? I get tons of font files but most are rar and I cannot
    get my computer to open them. I have an HP laptop about 4 years old running
    windows 10. I tried a so-called free program as I do not want to pay $30 or anything
    really, for a rar opener as that is all I use it for, the free one turned into a temporary
    one as they all do and wanted $ so I deleted it. It was such a hassle anyway and froze up
    my computer and caused all sorts of problems. I hope u can help!
    Thank u so much!

    1. infoave Post author

      Hi Cathy… you can open RAR files with 7-Zip. It’s free from https://www.7-zip.org/ Not sure where you’re getting fonts that come as RAR files. You can get great fonts that come as regular zip files that open in Windows without any third-party software. See this page or this one.

  2. Barbara

    Love thundercloud and all the tips, they come in handy, thank you


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